Steve Irwin’s son dreams of having relationship like his mum and late dad

Steve Irwin’s son dreams of having a relationship as strong as his mum and late dad.
Robert Irwin, 20, who was left devastated when his TV presenter conservationist dad died in 2006 aged 44 from an injury caused by a stingray while filming an underwater documentary in the Great Barrier Reef, now runs a zoo in his native Australia and has become a broadcaster.
He told Australian Women’s Weekly magazine about admiring his mum Terri and dad Steve’s bond: “They hit everything at 100 per cent together, they were a team – it was them against the world.
“They were fighting the good fight, shoulder to shoulder, and look at what they created together.
“For me, I look at mum and dad as my absolute role models in many departments, including the relationship department.
“That’s the goal – two people living side by side and smashing life together with such a sense of mutual admiration and respect, who are constantly lifting each other up and never second guessing.
“There was nothing they wouldn’t do for each other, and they were so equal on everything.”
Robert declined to go into detail about his love life but said he was “happy” with the way things are at the moment.
He admitted about still being haunted on a daily basis by the loss of his dad: “There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think, ‘Gosh, I wonder what I’d ask add if he was there.’
“When you lose someone, a father figure, at such a young age, who is such a commanding presence of positivity and everything that is good in the world – of course all I want is for him to be there for me to go, ‘What do you think about this, what do you think about that?’
“There are so many things I wish I could ask him on so many levels.”