'Stop being crazy': Caddie's epic spray for stubborn golfer

A pro golfer has been hilariously lectured by his caddie on live television after stubbornly refusing to listen to common sense.

Chinese player Ashun Wu had got himself in all sort of trouble at the Nedbank Golf Challenge when he hit a tee shot to the right side of the fairway in his final round.

Wu was in a good position on the leaderboard but his desire to peg back the frontrunners clouded his judgement as he contemplated the seemingly impossible.

The 33-year-old had a massive tree between himself and the green, which was still some distance from where his ball had ended up.

His only real option was to take his medicine and play it safe by hitting sideways back onto the fairway.

However, Wu was blinded by an unfounded sense of optimism as he tried to convince his caddie that he could bypass the tree with a long, low shot onto the green.

Wu was given a hilarious lecture from his caddie. Pic: European Tour

It didn’t go down well.

Wu’s caddie proceeded to tell his man that there was no possible way to achieve what he was hoping for – growing sterner with his man the more he tried to argue.

“You make par, worst thing’s bogey and we’re still in contention to win. If you don’t carry, you’re looking at six straight away.

“Stop being crazy! Just go back to the fairway!”

It took a lot of convincing but as you can see from the clip below, the caddie was finally able to talk sense into Wu.

The Chinese player opted for the infinitely safer route of chipping onto the fairway – ending up with a more than respectable bogey for the hole.

Chalk that one up as a win for caddies everywhere.

Wu went on to finish in a tie for 16th – taking home a tidy $131,000 for his troubles.