Stranger Things' Sadie Sink has chopped her red princess waves into a mullet in drastic hair transformation

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sadie sink new hair bob
Sadie Sink cut her princess hair into a mulletFranco Origlia - Getty Images

Sadie Sink is yet to make any official public appearances with her new short hair, nor has she posted on social media. But thanks to online sleuths (mainly Stranger Things super fans), we've known the actress has been sporting some form of new short do' for at least two weeks. Now her hair stylist has delivered the goods and posted a snap of the snip.

From the sneak peaks we'd seen online we thought it was a bob, but the scissors behind the chop, hair stylist Tommy Buckett, has revealed it in all its choppy, shaggy, mullet glory. And the hashtag he's used #SadieSinkNewHair suggests it hasn't gone unnoticed how much social media has been in a frenzy waiting to see the cut properly.

The hashtag's wracked up millions of views on TikTok, after photos of the hair were spotted online. The more unusual of these spots was a tweet from Croatia Airlines, where the crew took a selfie with the star, in what I believe to be the cockpit, but don't look at me, I haven't been to flight school. I don't read Croatian but it does say 'cockpitu' in the tweet, so seems I identified it correctly.

Posted on April 30th, Sadie's long red waves appeared to have been snipped off into a shaggy short bob style to her jaw. We were at first squinting to see if they could be tucked into her headphones, but it wasn't the only appearance with the new style. Sadie was snapped on stage performing with her band with the new short 'do.

And TikTok has been in a total spin ever since. Stranger Things stans were worrying what that might mean for her character Max. They've been questioning whether she's in series 5, which is set to start filming shortly, as previously the stars of the show have spoken about not being able to change their hair. BUT, the show is set to do a time jump forward later into their teens, so could be a chop for the show... and what's more 80s than a mullet?

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