I suffered from being a yes person, says Dinah Jane

Dinah Jane has suffered from being a "yes person".
The 26-year-old pop star recently opened up about her struggles with depression, and Dinah has now suggested that she's paid the price for trying to please too many people.
Dinah - who shot to fame as part of Fifth Harmony - told The Messenger: "I feel like there's a lot of women out there or people who could relate, or people who would've never thought that someone who's in a position like me would ever experience something such as that. And it's real, and it exists.
"At some point, everyone has those rock bottom moments where they're just like, 'This isn't for me. I don't want to do any of this.'"
Asked what served as her breaking point, Dinah replied: "What really pushed me away and made me depressed, I want to say it was actually people closest to me, like family. I would say as hardcore, family-oriented I was, it also became my biggest downfall.
"I was just so used to being such a yes person to everyone and anybody in my life that eventually that trait about myself kind of caught up to me."
Dinah embarked on a three-year hiatus from the music industry amid her mental health struggles.
And the chart-topping star found the break to be an "eye-opening" experience.
The 'Ya Ya' hitmaker said: "I was tired of suffering in the darkness, was tired of putting people before me.
"I was tired of not being enough, whether it was my relationship with my family or intimate relationships, I just felt like I wasn't enough in anything and every element in my life. So, completely running away from music was kind of eye-opening."