'Summer House: Martha's Vineyard' star Amir Lancaster didn't want to embarrass girlfriend Natalie Cortes

"Season 1 I was making a fool of myself, Season 2 I'm representing someone else," Lancaster said.

For Summer House: Martha's Vineyard star Amir Lancaster, Season 2 of the show looked quite different for the Austin realtor. This season, Lancaster went into the house in a relationship with girlfriend Natalie Cortes.

"Season 1 I was making a fool of myself, Season 2 I'm representing someone else, and so it's like every little decision that I made, I had to make sure that if I did do it, I wasn't embarrassing her," Lancaster told Yahoo Canada. "And if I was embarrassing her, how bad is it going to be? Because if it's just me acting a fool, she knows I'm a fool so I have no shame in that, but I also wanted to make sure that she trusts me while being in the house with all my other castmates."

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As Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2 began (streaming on Hayu in Canada) , there were a few comments made about Cortes, specifically by the women in the house saying that Lancaster's girlfriend was a bit standoffish meeting this group of friends.

"I think everyone is pretty standoffish, especially when they're meeting a brand new tight-knit group for the first time, especially girl group," Lancaster said. "And I have to take a lot of responsibility for the reasons she was so standoffish, because of the way that I may or may not have exaggerated what had happened in the house Season 1."

Fans of the show will remember that in the first season of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard, Lancaster was trying to shoot his shot with Jordan Emanuel, but she kept him in the friend zone.

"[Natalie] just really didn't know how to walk in. Are people going to kind of be ugly towards her? Or are they going to be super friendly and welcoming?" Lancaster said.

"So the best thing that she could do to make sure that she didn't step on anyone's toes is just be herself and if people wanted to approach her and show that they were friendly, she was like, 'Cool, I'm friendly too.' But if you weren't going to say anything to her, she was like, 'Hey I don't need to say anything to you either,' and I think that's how most people operate."

SUMMER HOUSE: MARTHA'S VINEYARD -- "S2 Premiere Party" -- Pictured: (l-r) Natalie Cortes, Amir Lancaster on Thursday, March 21 from 9 Jones -- (Photo by: Bryan Bedder/BRAVO via Getty Images)

'Not every fight is your fight'

In terms of Cortes' thoughts on Lancaster going back to the Martha's Vineyard house, the reality TV star stressed that she's been "super supportive" of the show.

"She wants what's best for me and she wants me to continue to build with this group of friends," Lancaster said. "Honestly, she wants me to continue on the show and it's something that she is considering hopefully being a part of herself."

"These people are friends and we've made genuine connections with them, and then also to share how we navigate as a couple with our friends has been really fun and really challenging."

Watch Summer House: Martha's Vineyard on Hayu with 1 week free ,then $6.99/month

$7 at Hayu

We do know that Cortes will come visit for a period of time this season, but if she ever became a core castmember, Lancaster's advice to her would be to remember that, "not every fight is your fight and not every conversation is your conversation."

"I think because we're in a house and because we're in such a bubble for so long, you kind of find yourself getting wrapped up into other people's conversations, wanting to console them," Lancaster explained.

"I learned the hard way, best if you just remove yourself, because the drama will find you no matter what. In this house, the drama will find you. So you might as well just let the drama come to you versus being a part of it, because when you're part of it, people tend to manipulate what they think your role in it was."

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In terms of what Lancaster really appreciates about his time in Martha's Vineyard, he loves being by the water and he loves the history of the destination.

"I'm a big coastal guy, if I could live on the coast I would, ... and so just being by the water and just the slower pace of life, going from Austin to New York, to Martha's Vineyard, Martha's Vineyard is literally a safe haven," Lancaster said. "You go there, you relax, you slow down and take a beat. You walk on the beach, you have a barbecue, you go downtown."

"And then also learning how much history Martha's Vineyard has actually played in Black culture and Black history is really cool."