We need sunglasses to look at Emilia Clarke's ballerina bun it's so shiny

emilia clarke shiny bun hair
Emilia Clarke's glass-like bun is hair goalsFrancois G. Durand - Getty Images

The slicked-back ballerina bun is the hairstyle trend we just can't seem to get away from; it's everywhere. Remember scraping your hair back before school so tight it was headache-inducing? Well, it's exactly that, except celebs somehow avoid looking like Humpty Dumpty's long-lost cousin (no? Just me?). The look requires no hair out of place and has been sported by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez as of late. We're now also adding Emilia Clarke to the flawless bun club, as the actress was seen sporting possibly the shiniest ballerina bun we've ever seen. Seriously, we need sunglasses to be able to look directly at it.

The Game of Thrones star wore the sleek trendy hairstyle at a recent Vogue World event in London, and it's the definition of hair goals.

There is not one flyaway in sight – props to the hairstylist Shay Ashual for that accomplishment. Seriously though, this hair is so shiny it looks like glass. We could never.

The low bun paired with feathery lashes and healthy skin, created by makeup artist Naoko Scintu, is the definition of the 'clean girl' aesthetic the internet has been obsessed with as of late. The Mother of Dragons is so on point with this look.

Whether it was a gloss, gel or sh*t tons of hairspray that were used to create this mirror-esque reflective surface, one thing's for sure, we need someone to spill the hair secrets here. Oh, and good luck to Emilia when it comes to washing all that out...

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