Sunny Hostin taped down breasts to stop men staring at them during job interviews

Sunny Hostin taped down her breasts to stop men staring at them during job interviews.
‘The View’ co-host, 55, started her career as a lawyer and said the looks she was getting at her chest got so obvious she decided to flatten it.
During a discussion on harassment with her fellow ‘View’ presenters, Sunny said: “I recall so many interviews as a young lawyer where men never looked at my face. They just looked straight at my chest.
“And I started binding my breasts so that I could get a job based on my qualifications.”
Sunny added she has since had a breast reduction, and said she and her fellow female co-workers in the legal profession never felt comfortable reporting the harassment out of fear it would hurt their careers.
She said: “When I was coming up at the Justice Department and when I was coming up in law firms… we had options (to report harassment), but I wouldn’t dare use them so as not to be blackballed out of a position because the structure, it was a patriarchy.”
Sunny’s fellow ‘View’ presenter, former White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, said she had been hit with similar treatment.
She added: “I was talking to some of our younger producers and it mirrored some of the experiences we had in the workplace.
“I had a direct boss when I was working on Capitol Hill – all the same things.
“We wore higher neck tops, we worse looser pants and… there’s not really an HR, surprisingly, in Congress.”
She said she and the other women finally “banded together” and got the unnamed man sacked.
The conversation was sparked by the publication last week of their 81-year-old ‘View’ colleague Joy Behar’s essay ‘#MeToo: The Early Years’ in which she revealed how she was subjected to harassment in the 1960s while working as an English teacher.
She said her boss told her one of her grammar lessons was so “arousing” he had to “throw some ice cubes down (his) pants”, and added he told her he wanted to have sex with her against the blackboard.