Sunrise host fuming after falling for April Fools prank live on-air: 'I hate you'

Matt Doran tricked his co-host Monique Wright during Saturday morning's broadcast.

Weekend Sunrise host Monique Wright was left fuming on Saturday morning after her co-host Matt Doran organised an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank for her live on-air.

The long-serving Channel Seven journalist was convinced she had landed an exclusive interview with former US President Barack Obama, but it was actually just an impersonator named Reggie.

 Sunrise's Matt Doran and Monique Wright / a Barack Obama impersonator.
Sunrise host Monique Wright thought she was interviewing Barack Obama but it was actually just an impersonator. Photos: Channel Seven

To help make the prank even more believable, the Sunrise team had distorted Monique’s monitor which made it harder for her to recognise who she was speaking with over Zoom.

“Mr Obama, what an absolute thrill to have you in the country,” she said. “Gosh we love you here, and it was fantastic to have you on our programme.

“Thank you so much, safe travels home.”


It wasn’t until after the interview was finished that Matt revealed it wasn’t actually Obama on the other end of the video call and the entire thing had been orchestrated as an April Fools joke.

“Just before we let you go, perhaps it might be an opportune time just to let Mon know that we’re actually speaking to Reggie from LA who is the top Obama impersonator in the world,” he explained.

“G’day Reggie! That was flawless.”

Sunrise's Matt Doran cheering and Monique Wright looking angry.
Monique was furious when her co-host Matt Doran revealed it was an April Fools prank. Photo: Channel Seven

'I hate you'

Monique, who was clearly stunned by the revelation, began to blame the bad technology for her gullibility.

“Reggie, they’ve actually used a monitor which looks very strange, I can’t see you properly,” she said, to which Matt responded, “Reggie’s not buying the tech issues as an excuse”.


She then turned her attention towards the Sunrise crew and called their acting abilities “extraordinary”.

“I hate you, I was so excited!” she exclaimed. “I ran down to get changed with two minutes' notice, so I would like to apologise to Chrissy the producer who saw me in my underwear.

“I hate all of you, but I mostly hate you [Matt].”

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