Sunrise's Nat Barr shares helpful tip following kitchen explosion: 'Idiot'

The Channel Seven star has revealed what happened after her cooking fail.

Sunrise’s Nat Barr cooking soup in her kitchen / Nat in a blue cardigan.
Sunrise’s Nat Barr has revealed the surprising aftermath of her kitchen explosion. Photos: Instagram/natalie_barr7

Sunrise’s Natalie Barr has revealed the surprising email she received from Vitamix after her blender exploded in the kitchen while cooking soup. The breakfast TV host shared a series of videos on her Instagram Stories earlier this week as she made carrot and ginger soup, which was going well until she added the cooked ingredients into an electric mixer.

Nat turned the blender on high and the soup immediately shot out of the lid and covered the walls of her kitchen with a thick orange mixture. She then shared a follow-up video showing how the soup had splattered onto her groceries, including a carton of eggs and a packet of pasta, as well as her surrounding appliances.

“I've recovered. I think the heat may have blown the lid off the Vitamix,” she said in a subsequent post. “I almost burned myself. Anyway, I'm okay. Thanks for your concern.”


Following the incident, Sunrise’s official Instagram account shared a video on Friday of Nat explaining how Vitamix had contacted her directly.

“A follow-up from me completely stuffing up my soup-making. I’ve had an email from Vitamix, that’s the blender machine I used to make the soup,” she said.

“[They are] very happy that I’m using their machine, but also taking the time to share the warning that comes with the Vitamix machine about not putting liquids that are hot in the machine and warning about burns. So really they’re saying, ‘You’re an idiot, you should’ve known’. I’ve read it now Vitamix and I promise I won’t put any more hot liquids in my Vitamix.”

Vitamix’s product support website states that while its blender is built to withstand high temperatures, it should never be used to blend any liquid that exceeds 76°C.

Sunrise’s Nat Barr cooking soup in her kitchen / Nat's pantry covered in soup.
Nat says she promises not to put any more hot liquids in her Vitamix blender. Photos: Instagram/natalie_barr7

While fans took to the comments to confess that they found the video of the mishap “hilarious”, they also praised Nat for “keeping it real”.

“Ahhh Nat, that’s why we love you as we would all do the same,” one person wrote, while another added, “I love your humour Nat! Thanks for sharing helpful tips!”.

“Love how you can laugh at yourself too. I need more people like that!” a third shared, followed by someone else who said, “Humble pie is hard but you did it!! Btw it was funny”.


Nat’s followers also admitted that they’ve been in the same situation and “it happens to all of us”.

“We've all done it Nat you're not on your own,” a fan replied, with a different user writing, “I have so done this and not just once. Thank you for sharing”.

“Happens every time I blend a slow cooker soup,” someone else remarked as others agreed, “We’ve all been there!”.

“Great to see others make blunders and laugh at themselves. Good on you Nat,” another commented.

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