Supermarket Adds GPS Trackers To Meat Products To Fight Shoplifting

usda choice beef rib eye steaks for sale at a supermarket
Supermarket Adds GPS Trackers To Meat ProductsJuanmonino / iStock / Getty Images Plus - Getty Images

Shoplifting just got more difficult at some grocery stores. In an effort to stop thieves, the Australian supermarket chain Drakes has started to attach GPS trackers to packages of expensive meat.

The polpolycarbonate cases have GPS so they can be tracked outside the store. Just like the devices you see attached to clothing or electronics, the cases will be removed upon check-out after the customer has purchased the meat. But if the case isn't removed before leaving Drakes, the store will be notified.

John Paul Drake, director of Drakes, told 7News that meat is the most popular item stolen from the supermarkets and that $12 million worth of meat is stolen each year. According to the news outlet, each case costs them $32.

The cases are currently being tested in two stores, but if all goes well, they are expected to be added to more Drakes locations and other products. Three weeks into the 13-week trial, Drake told 7News that there haven't been any empty cases found in stores.

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