Supermarket's Minion cake fail leaves internet in hysterics

The store has apologised for the disappointing dessert.

For parents, planning the perfect birthday party is all part of the job. From decorations to the cake, everything needs to be just right. But, what happens when your order goes completely wrong?

One mum recently learned the answer when she ordered a Minion cake from her local grocery store. Sharing her dessert conundrum on TikTok, the shopper said, "This is the ugliest f**king thing I've ever seen."

Minion birthday cake; Failed attempt at recreating the cake
The expectation versus the hilarious reality of the delivered Minion cake. Photo: TikTok/@babygirls0s0

"This is so not what I asked for, and his party's tomorrow," she continued. "It is totally fixable, and I'm not that picky, so I just took it. But this is the ugliest f**king thing ever."


The woman had provided the store with a picture of a cake she'd found on Pinterest when she placed her order, but it’s clear staff didn't quite grasp her vision. She'd even stressed to the baker that the intricate detailing from the inspiration image wasn't necessary, as her son would inevitably make a mess of it anyway.

When the employee enquired about adding an ombre effect, the TikToker declined, specifying, "Just plain blue and yellow with big swirls. No need for fancy decorating icing, I don't want that."

Minion birthday cake before and after
The TikToker chose not to return the cake, confident she could improve it. Photo: TikTok/@babygirls0s0

Fast forward to pick-up time, and the woman was presented with a cake that can only be described as a massive Minion mess-up. It features ombre colouring, icing-covered ribbons, and a conspicuous absence of the requested swirls. But the kicker? The eyes drooping off the side of the cake.

The video has racked up millions of views, with viewers flocking to the comments to critique the cake. "That was 10 times worse than I expected," responded one. "It looks like a beach themed hamburger," added another.

Fixing it was a 'piece of cake'

In a follow-up video, the TikToker revealed how she salvaged the situation with the help of her fiancé and mother-in-law. Together they gave the cake a much needed glow-up with some printed Minion goggles "Happy Birthday" toppers and a colourful birthday candle, and cleverly concealed the green ombre effect with the provided ribbon.

The relieved mum proceeded to go all out for her son's Minion-themed party, with a host of decorations, cupcakes, beverage dispensers.

The grocery store in question, H-E-B, responded with a commitment to set things right, telling "At H-E-B, we strive to provide quality products to our customers and to ensure they are satisfied with their purchases. We understand the customer's frustration and apologise for the inconvenience. We are working to make things right."

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