What is a supermoon, and how does it impact your star sign?

what is a supermoon
What is a supermoon? How it impacts your star signColin Wooderson / 500px - Getty Images

A supermoon is a powerful astrological event that occurs a handful of times a year, on a full or new moon, when the Moon comes closest to the Earth in its orbit. When full, this makes it look even larger and more luminous than usual (about 7% larger and 15% brighter than an average full moon) and amplifies its lunar powers. When new, the same lunar power surge occurs but without the visibility (as the moon is almost invisible during a new moon).

When are the supermoons?

The next supermoon new moon is on 8th April 2024. It will be a special event because, unlike other new moons, it will be visible because it will pass in front of the sun and create a spectacular total solar eclipse.

There are several supermoon full moons later in the year:

  • 19th August

  • 18th September

  • 17th October

How does a supermoon affect me?

Because, astrologically, the supermoon is thought to possess heightened power, many think that supermoons are the ideal cosmic time to practice manifestation and invite positive change. Intentions, goals, prayers, and wishes are all thought to be more likely to be heard and supported by the unseen forces during this time. If you’re ever going to wish on a star… make it during a supermoon!

How does a supermoon affect my star sign?

Depending on the zodiac sign that the new moon or full moon is in, some astrologers believe that a supermoon will amplify the astrological traits of that sign. This coming supermoon is in Pisces, which is very much a sign about spirituality, creativity, soulmate connections, mysticism and healing.

So this new moon is set to be a majorly powerful phase for connecting to a higher self, purpose, or power. Woo-sah! Here are some suggestions for each sign to connect with this Piscean supermoon and enjoy a boost of manifesting power.

Aries / Leo / Sagittarius

You are a physical person, so take your wish-making outside and walk, sit, or meditate in the evening air. Whisper your wishes to the night breeze. If you can light a candle outside to represent your personal fire element, then do. Gaze into the flame and daydream your fantasies.

Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn

This is the perfect night to do something practical and make moon water. Take a glass of water, breathe your wish into it, imagine it swirling around, then leave overnight on your window sill. Drink it down first thing. You are now charged with a lunar shadow of your wish!

Gemini / Libra / Aquarius

Writing is your super power, bringing mental clarity to your goals. Write a letter this new moon night to a ‘future you’ which shares where you hope to be, doing what, with whom. Manifest your wishes in words.

Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces

You are very susceptible to the moon’s influence. Surrender to its power over you this new moon night by meditating and imagining yourself on the moon. Perhaps sending beams of manifesting forces down to your earthly self. Do this in the darkness, or in the bath (your watery element).

I also drew a tarot card to ask what message the Moon has for us all this supermoon, something we can perhaps collectively reflect on…

Five of Swords

This is a time for healing, mediation, coming together, resolution, and moving past old wounds and hurts. Look at your own circle of influence and identify where there is conflict, tension, or stress. Consider how you can play a role in bringing peace, harmony, or just neutrality to the situation. Be a promoter of healing and peace this March, start your quest this supermoon new moon!

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