'It was surreal!' Sienna Miller talked about politics on a bed with Meryl Streep

Sienna Miller thought it was "surreal" to be lying on a bed with Meryl Streep discussing politics.
The 41-year-old star teamed up with the 73-year-old screen legend on the climate change anthology series 'Extrapolations' and felt "very fortunate" to be working alongside the three-time Oscar winner because she is so "breathtakingly brilliant".
She told 'Extra': "It was surreal… She was instantaneously disarming and kind and maternal and wonderful and just breathtakingly brilliant… It was a bucket-list moment! We lay on a bed and chatted in between takes for a while… We mostly talked about politics and the environment, honestly, but we laughed and she's just wonderful. It was a real gift. I feel very, very fortunate."
Sienna went on to add that she hopes new series - which is streaming on Apple+ from March 17 - has an "impact" and explained that the new series presents global warming as a "human" issue, as opposed to a documentary which would just explain the facts.
She said: "We are actors, but if we can tell stories that can have some sort of impact, whether that's a galvanizing call to action or, you know, for me, what I loved about it was we've seen documentaries and we can look at graphs and we all understand that the world is changing and the climate is changing, but to somehow connect the dots and make it a human experience, and really the show focuses on human connectivity and what's at stake… It felt like a very poignant beautiful thing to be involved with."