Survivor Details Maine Shooter’s ‘Relaxed and Methodical’ Massacre

Reuters/Kevin Lamarque
Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Danielle Grondin, who survived last week’s massacre in Maine, told the Bangor Daily News she remembers seeing the “green or blue” light from the sight of Robert Card’s gun as he mowed down bowlers. She recalled Card being “relaxed and methodical” as he killed, only stopping his fire when his rifle jammed. “I did not have a sense he had any set targets,” she said. “My sense was he saw someone moving and he shot.” Just before shots broke out, Grondin said she bought a beer from the alley’s bartender, Tom Conrad, and walked back to her group when she heard what sounded like “balloons popping.” She fears she was the last person to ever speak to Conrad, who was shot dead along with six others at Just-In-Time Recreation. “Every time I shut my eyes, I see [Card],” Grondin said. “It’s hard to understand how it was we were able to run out and someone standing close to me was shot and killed.”

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