Susanna Reid returns to Kyiv to mark anniversary of Russian invasion of Ukraine

The TV presenter reported live for GMB from the war-torn Ukrainian capital.

Susanna Reid hosts GMB
Susanna Reid travelled to Ukraine to report live from war-torn Kyiv. (ITV)

Susanna Reid has said "nothing prepared me" for what she would witness as she returned to Ukraine to mark the anniversary of the Russian invasion.

The Good Morning Britain presenter reported live from Kyiv one year on from the outbreak of war on 24 February 2022, when Russian president Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

Reid recalled: "A couple of months into the war last year we went to the Medyka crossing in Poland on the border, so we could see the Ukrainian side but couldn't cross into it. However there were thousands of people crossing towards us, people fleeing the intense fighting in Ukraine, fearful for what was about to happen.

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"It has now been a year of war, of fear people being uprooted, of millions of refugees leaving the country and trying to find temporary homes elsewhere. And I have come back and crossed from Poland this time into Ukraine.

"Yesterday I spent the morning in one of the towns outside the capital which has been worst affected. You’ll remember the name Borodyanka. The horrors of war were inflicted on that town and I’ve spoken to survivors and their stories are chilling but also they are a symbol of the resilience of Ukrainians."

She added: "Nothing prepared me for what I would witness myself’."

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Reid also revealed the popularity of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Ukraine.

She said: "What was remarkable about speaking to people yesterday was how they went out to of their way to thank you. Thank you to the UK for resolute support... incredible amount of support through that Homes For Ukraine scheme, but also with support for the defenses. And they want that support to continue."

Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard host GMB
Susanna Reid left the GMB studio to report live from Ukraine. (ITV)

She went on: "Interestingly a number of people said to me, 'Thank you Boris Johnson." And no surprise because his presence here was so impactful.

"The people of Ukraine have relied on the support of the UK and they don't want that support to give up. People are worried for what the future holds, but also what might happen imminently."

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EU allies are holding talks over how to improve the supply of munitions to Ukraine, following reports that China could supply weapons to Russia.