Suspect’s chilling video emerges after six shot dead at Chicago parade

Disturbing social media content has emerged from the suspected gunman accused of killing six people at a Fourth of July parade in Chicago.

Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III, 22, was captured after a nine-hour manhunt through Highland Park, Chicago on Monday evening after people fled a parade as shots were fired in to the crowd.

It was yet another mass shooting that rocked the country and just hours later another Independence Day shooting took place in Philadelphia.

Six people died in the Chicago shooting and at least 24 others, aged from eight to 85, were injured in the attack. Some are believed to be in a critical condition.

Crimo's dramatic arrest on the side of a busy road was captured by onlookers, and saw police pinning the suspect to the ground.

Crimo wearing a combat helmet and vest (left) and Crimo dropping bullets in front of his face (right)
In one music video, Crimo appears to be wearing a combat helmet and vest before he drops bullets on the floor of a trashed classroom. Source: YouTube

Suspect's disturbing video and lyrics

In Chicago Crimo was arrested on suspicion of opening fire on the Independence Day event. Crimo, also known as Awake the Rapper, posted a series of creepy music videos online ahead of the attack.

In one, titled On My Mind, he can be seen moving around a classroom before he reaches into a backpack and the screen goes black.

When it restarts, the room is trashed and Crimo is wearing a battle helmet and armoured vest, while he drops bullets onto the floor and a manic laugh is heard over the track.

In Are You Awake, he raps: “My actions will be valiant and my thought is unnecessary, I know what I have to do, I know what’s in it, not only for me, but everyone else.”

During the video, a newspaper article about JFK’s murderer Lee Harvey Oswalk is also shown.

A cartoon figure points a gun at people
In another clip, a shooter can be seen pointing a gun at people. Source: YouTube

While in another animated clip, a figure that looks like Crimo can be seen pointing a rifle, while a second figure lays on the ground and a third holds their hands up.

A later image shows what appears to be the suspected gunman lying in a pool of blood with a gun by his side.

The drawing is disturbingly similar to the moment Crimo was arrested by police.

A cartoon figure lies in blood while police surround (left) and Crimo is held down by police on the road (right)
There are many similarities between Crimo's music video posted on YouTube and his eventual arrested after the mass shooting in Chicago. Source: YouTube/Twitter

Crimo’s YouTube channel has been “terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines” in the wake of the shooting, but some users have since reposted his work.

In the comments section for On My Mind, one claims that Crimo “basically admits what he’s planning to do in this video.”

“Spot the symbolism,” another said. “This video clearly foreshadowed what was eventually carried out.”

According to his IMDb page, Crimo is a local songwriter and director who began uploading music when he was 11, while his Spotify account claims he has released three albums since 2017.

It’s since been revealed that his father, also named Robert Crimo, ran for mayor of Highland Park in 2019 but lost.

Crimo dressed in a red and white striped top and beanie marches in a Trump parade (left) and a selfie of Crimo (right)
Photos have been uncovered showing the 22-year-old at a Trump rally. Source: Twitte

Photos of Crimo attending Trump rallies have also surfaced online.

Dressed in a red and white striped top and beanie, the 22-year-old can be seen marching alongside supporters as part of the former president’s 2020 campaign.

Thousands flee July 4 fireworks as shots ring out

Later on July 4, thousands of revellers in Philadelphia ran screaming from a fireworks display and concert as two police officers were shot.

One officer sustained a graze wound to the head and the other a gunshot wound to the right shoulder, NBC reported. Both were said to be in a stable condition in hospital.

Gunfire broke out around 9.47 p.m as thousands of people watched the show headlined by Jason Derulo. A woman at the event said she did not hear the shots but said police told everyone to run.

Police were still searching for the shooter at 11pm.

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