Swimmers sport wetsuits in France as pools cut heat

STORY: If you want to take a dip in France

You'll have to wear a wetsuit

As gas prices soar, pools across

the country are lowering the heat

Location: Nogent-sur-Marne, France

(Muriel Goldberg, Swimmer)

"It's pure happiness. Honestly, the wetsuit is a great experience. I had never worn a wetsuit before, I thought it would have an impact on movement but not at all. On the contrary, it's nice and fresh, we feel much better after training in a wetsuit in cold water than when it's heated."

This pool has made wearing a wetsuit

mandatory to prevent medical emergencies

after the pool operator stopped the heat altogether

Its manager says the price of gas has

jumped by more than ten-fold since 2020

Lifeguards here say they will try to keep it open

until the temperature drops below 59 Fahrenheit