Swimmers trapped on platform after spotting danger lurking nearby

A group of around 20 people including children were seen in the video holding on for dear life.

Footage has captured the moment a hidden creature lurking in the water trapped a group of terrified swimmers on a floating wooden platform at a popular park.

Around 20 people, including children, can be seen precariously balanced on the small island in the middle of a lake in Huntsville State Park, Texas, as at least one huge alligator glides past them.

Left, the group of swimmers huddling on a wooden platform in the middle of the water at Huntsville State Park in Texas. Right is the alligator swimming nearby in the water.
Footage of swimmers at Huntsville State Park in Texas huddling on a wooden platform as alligators swim nearby. Source: TikTok/yaderit05

The incident, which occurred last weekend, was captured by a concerned observer in a series of videos that have gained millions of views. She was just one of hundreds of people anxiously watching on, hoping the situation did not escalate.

The group were later thankfully rescued by park rangers, who are seen in another video transporting the swimmers back to safety in a boat.

Social media users react to video

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, alligators are known to live in the waters of Huntsville State Park, which was also echoed by commenters on TikTok.

"I grew up in Huntsville. They have signs everywhere warning people of alligators. I once waited on the pier till they swam off," one person said.

"Why would they swim there?" another wrote. Others said they were concerned that the alligators could "very easily climb up on there with them".

"That is crazy," one person commented. "Imagine all the ones you can't see," another added.

It is recommended that travellers swim in the designated areas, and not early in the morning or at night.

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