Sydney renter's tour of $500-per-week apartment outrages Aussies

The studio apartment is crammed full of unsatisfactory features, the tenant complained.

The full extent of Australia's rental crisis has been laid bare for all to see on social media, with the latest tour of a Sydney apartment highlighting the conditions one renter is living in for $500-per-week — and people don't like it.

The woman has gone viral after filming all of the features in her studio that "just make sense", a sarcastic phrase commonly used online. "Gotta laugh so I don't cry," she wrote on TikTok.

The Sydney tenant can be seen smiling as she holds her phone up to a mirror, with parts of her apartment reflected back into the shop. Many online said the conditions versus cost value is indicative of the rental crisis.
The Sydney resident gave a tour of her studio apartment, with many online saying its conditions versus its cost value is indicative of the rental crisis. Source: TikTok/dooperfiend

Notable features in rental property

The first area of the apartment the renter shows is her kitchen, which is right beside her bed. "Fridge stacked on dryer to save space," she wrote, before showing part of the ceramic counter top with a huge crack in it, while another section has collapsed by the sink, forcing the tenant to be resourceful.

"Keens curry holding the sink up," she continued, showing a small tin of curry powder placed below the lip of her sink's built-in drying area to keep it level, exposing a large gap between it and the counter top.

The video also highlights a bright yellow stripe on her ceiling, with the tenant explaining the "tape [is] holding the roof together", before drawing attention to the exposed cables coming through the wall, as well as the view from her windows, with one facing directly into her neighbour's backyard and a "tree growing" in the gutter.

In her bathroom, a mirror has been glued onto her window and there is just enough room for her legs as she sits on the toilet, with the tenant explaining she often sits sideways so she is more comfortable.

The tenant also demonstrates what it is like when she attempts to find an outfit in her closet. "The wardrobe door won't stay open because the flat was built on a lean," she wrote, as footage shows the door sliding closed repetitively until she holds it open.

Left, the tenant can be seen holding her wardrobe door open as she searches for clothes inside. Right, a crack can be seen on the black ceramic counter top.
The wardrobe door in the apartment continuously slides shut and a huge crack appears on the kitchen counter top. Source: TikTok/dooperfiend

Internet responds: 'Feel your pain'

The apartment tour has gained thousands of views online, with many believing the video is indicative of the dire situation many tenants currently find themselves in.

"The rental crisis is so real," one person said, while another thanked the woman for sharing. "I'm just glad you're exposing the truth about renting and that they [landlords] take money but don't fix anything."

"I pay $500 a week for a 1 bedroom, mouldy, mushrooms growing inside, roof collapsing, outdoor laundry and toilet. Feel your pain," another woman added.

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