Sydney Sweeney 'is dreaming up ideas' to work with Glen Powell

Sydney Sweeney would love to work with Glen Powell once again.
The 26-year-old actress starred alongside Glen, 35, in the 2023 rom-com 'Anyone but You', and Sydney remains eager to reunite with her co-star.
Asked about the possibility of making another movie together, Sydney told PEOPLE: "We're dreaming up a bunch of different ideas."
The film grossed more than $200 million at the box office, and Sydney would love to work with Glen in the future.
The Hollywood star - who played Glen's on-screen love interest in 'Anyone but You' - said: "We haven't really solidified what we want to do yet, but we're just dreaming up a bunch of different things and seeing what clicks best."
Sydney and Glen were romantically linked to each other while they were promoting the rom-com.
However, Glen rubbished those rumours and admitted that fame has complicated his love life, as he's so focused on his career at the moment.
The actor - who also starred in 'Top Gun: Maverick' in 2022 - told Men's Health magazine: "I think that’s the thing that has been on my mind the most recently.
"When the sun is shining, you gotta make hay. And you gotta chase this while you got it. And on a romantic level, you gotta find a teammate who is down for that adventure, down for that uncertainty, down for that thing. It’s a lot to deal with."
Glen conceded that the "speed and uncertainty" of his life has become a complication for any potential romance.
The movie star said: "Honestly, I really try to be a great partner. When I love, I love hard. I also understand that the speed and uncertainty of my life is a very hard thing to put up with."