Sydney Sweeney reveals 'most disgusting' thing that happened to her on the set of Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney had a special pipe to help her projectile vomit on 'Euphoria'.
The 26-year-old actress stars as Cassie Howard on the HBO teen drama series and during an episode of the show's second season, her character threw up in a hot tub but the crew went to great lengths to make sure the vomiting was more dramatic than usual when it is depicted on screen.
Speaking on YouTube series 'The Hot Ones', she said: "They had to create because Sam [Levinson, director] wanted it to be projectile vomit everywhere whereas a lot of films will just have a cup of mushed up anything that they have from the craft team and it's just mixed with milk and water. It's the most disgusting thing - you just put it in your mouth and hold it then you puke it up. But Sam didn't want that, he wanted vomit everywhere.
"They had to get a pump and they had this pipe that they just taped and hid on my body and then they CGI'd it out. It went up my neck and there was a horse bit that I put in my mouth. So, during that scene they're filling my mouth with throw up and I opened my mouth and it just started shooting out. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever experienced."
The 'Anyone But You' star understood that the pump was needed to achieve the desired effect of the sequence but is still unsure why she had to wear the "huge" mouthpiece as well.
She added: "You need the pump, it's a very insane pump too. But the horse bit, the horse bit, I was like 'Why do we need the horse bit?' It was huge!"