Sylvester Stallone: I'm here to prevent heartbreak for my daughters

Sylvester Stallone thinks young love is "a temporary form of insanity".
The 76-year-old actor is determined to protect his daughters - Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20 - from heartbreak in their love lives.
He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I think young love is a temporary form of insanity. So you do things that you may regret. I’m here to prevent that."
The Hollywood star actually agreed to film an eight-part reality show, 'The Family Stallone', in order to spend more time with his daughters.
He joked: "I’m on the road so much and I looked around and thought, my daughters are grown up. Wouldn’t it be great to spend some serious time with them where they couldn’t escape, where they had to be with me."
Sophia, who is a budding filmmaker, suggested that Sylvester has been overly-protective of her in the past.
She shared: "He’s not your typical dad.
"On the one hand, you bring a boy home and he becomes full-on Rambo with guns. But then he’s ‘girl dad’. He wants to bake with us, he watches 'The Bachelor' with us and it’s a totally different side of him."
Meanwhile, Sistine - who is an actress and a model - admits that her dad can be "quite intimidating" towards her boyfriends.
She explained: "He’s very overprotective and quite intimidating. Dating when you have the dad that we do is rough.
"The first time a boy came over to meet my parents, he’s going in for the first kiss. I was so nervous and excited.
"He looked up at the balcony and said, ‘Oh my God, what is that?’ It was my dad, standing on the balcony, backlit so you just see a silhouette.
"He’s so cinematic. This kid jumped in the car and I never saw him again.
"Now that we’re older and in relationships, you’d think he’d want to make an effort and want to get to know the boyfriends, but that doesn’t happen. It does hurt my feelings that there has been minimal effort on his part."