Tarek El Moussa: I was nervous to tell my kids that Heather Rae was pregnant

Tarek El Moussa was "nervous" to tell his kids that his new wife Heather Rae was having a baby.
The 41-year-old TV host tied the knot with 'Selling Sunset' star Heather. 35. in 2021 and the couple became parents to Tristan in January but he already has Taylor, 12, and seven-year-old Brayden with his ex-wife Christina Hall and admitted that even though he is the "happiest" he has ever been, he was worried about how his children would react to the news of the pregnancy.
He told Fox News Digital: "I honestly I mean, this is the happiest, hands down, the happiest I've ever been in my life," he said. "You know, I love being in my forties. I love being established. I love my family. I love my wife. I love my kids. Like, I couldn't be happier, and that's the truth.
"This little guy, he just brings so much joy to the household. He's just so cute. He's really handy, he's always moving around and, you know, I'm just as obsessed with Taylor and Brayden, and now looking at Tristan, I think about all the amazing things we're going to do together. We're going to go skiing and dirt biking and traveling and do jiu-jitsu, and as a father, I just couldn't be happier.
"I was a little bit nervous at first, you know, but they were so excited when they found out that Heather was pregnant, and you got to understand something. These kids, they're obsessed with Heather, like they are obsessed with her."
The 'Flip or Flop' star went on to add that his son Brayden was in fact "so happy" about the new baby that he tracked the pregnancy on an app with his stepmother and noted that his daugther has been a "sweetheart" throughout the situation.
He added: "So, you know, the cutest thing was Brayden. He's seven years old. He tracked the entire pregnancy with Heather on her app. So, like, every day he's coming over. ‘Is the baby a grape? Is the baby a banana? Is it a watermelon?’ because he wanted to follow the size. Taylor, you know, she's just a sweetheart, and she adores the little brother. She holds him, they cuddle and both kids are just so happy."