Target shoppers 'obsessed' with TikToker's chic $12 jumper find: 'Omg I love it’

A TikToker just unveiled a massive bargain.

Two photos of a tiktoker wearing a pink and white striped Target jumper
The TikToker showed off her fashionable purchase. Photo: TikTok/mikkinucifora_/

A TikToker has sent Target shoppers wild with her latest bargain find. Mikki Nucifora, who shares outfit hauls online, nabbed a gorgeous pink jumper for just $20 – and it’s now on sale for $12. The two-tone knit jumper is striped with a crew neck, with darker pink stripes on the arms. It’s made from recycled materials and is on-trend.

Her major hack for anyone looking for a cheap outfit is to check the girls' section for bigger sizes rather than the regular women’s section. Taking to her socials, Mikki excitedly shared the find with her fellow fashion lovers.

“Girlies, you will not believe how much I paid for this jumper. $20! It was in the little girls’ section in Target. This is the size 12,” she told her followers.

“I am so obsessed, I’ve already had so many compliments on it this morning when I wore it out. I’m just like, darl, look in the girls’ section in Target. She is so cute and I believe it’s actually [cheaper] online."


She paired it with a short white skort from DISSH and pink Goldie The Label flats. After adding a handbag, her outfit looked so chic and stylish. It's hard to believe that the jumper came from the kids' section.

The TikToker posed in her outfit from all angles, before saying: “I’m obsessed. I love it, Target slay!"

The in-store price is actually $25, but Mikki’s local Target had a 20 per cent off sale. However, Target has the jumper on sale for just $12 online at the moment.

When one follower asked about sizing, the TikToker said: “[I] usually [wear] a size six women’s and this is the size 12 girls. It went up to a size 14, quite an oversized fit.”

“It’s the perfect length for my arms! It’s just when I hold my arms up it falls down.”

Pink and white striped jumper from Target on a white background
The trendy jumper is perfect for the chilly months ahead. Photo: Target

Her TikTok was viewed over 100,000 times, with many sharing their disbelief in the comments.

“Just ordered online for click and collect – $12!! Thank you!” one person wrote. “I legit went and got this jumper yesterday because of this video,” another admitted.

“I always buy kids designer stuff in the largest size, so much cheaper,” a third said. “Omg I love it, I have the best finds from the kid's sections!” another wrote.


However, there was one person who wasn't convinced. "Yeah you can tell it’s from the girls' section and it’s too pink for me, no thanks," they said.

Mikki had the perfect response, saying: "Each to their own".

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