Taskmaster Australia fans call out major editing fail in premiere: 'Dumb'

Viewers had plenty to say about the first episode of season two.

Taskmaster Australia's season two cast.
Taskmaster Australia has officially returned for season two. Photo: Channel 10

Taskmaster Australia kicked off its new season on Thursday night featuring five of the country’s most beloved comedians trying their best to complete a series of ridiculous tasks to earn points. Hosted by Tom Gleeson, the second iteration of the Channel 10 panel show stars Anne Edmonds, Jenny Tian, Josh Thomas, Lloyd Langford and Will Anderson.

While fans were thrilled by the show’s return this week, especially considering it’s been over a year since the first season aired, there was one detail in the premiere episode that had quite a few people fired up.

Several viewers took to social media to complain about the episode’s ‘live task’, which takes place at the end of the episode in front of a studio audience, and the fact that Channel 10 included a commercial break right in the middle of it.

“Excuse me what? Going to break DURING a live task. Noooo. I don’t like,” one fan posted on X (formerly Twitter).


“Ad break during live task is dumb,” another added, while a third wrote, “Ads in the middle of the stage task is a new low”.

“Great show ruined by poor ad placement,” someone else commented on Instagram. “Lost the flow… Not sure if it was ad placement or just poor editing.”

 Taskmaster Australia's season two cast performing the live task.
Fans were disappointed there was a commercial break in the middle of the live task. Photo: Instagram/taskmasterau

Meanwhile, a majority of fans said they loved the premiere but were disappointed by the amount of ad breaks that disrupted the comedians’ wild antics throughout the episode.

“A fantastic return of #TaskmasterAU. It's a terrible shame that Australian commercial TV has so many insufferable ad breaks, but at least the content of the show is good,” one person remarked.

“The season two premiere of #TaskmasterAU was pretty solid. Too many ad breaks though, much like many Channel 10 shows,” a different user replied.


Others simply said it was a “brilliant first ep back” and a “fantastic start” to season two, and they can’t wait to continue watching.

“Well that was a bloody solid episode, I don't know what some of you b***hes are complaining about,” one viewer declared.

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