Taylor Russell: I feel at home in London

Taylor Russell feels "at home" in London.
The 29-year-old actress is currently starring in 'The Effect' at London's National Theatre, and although she was born and raised in Canada, Taylor has revealed that she feels very comfortable in the UK capital.
She told The Face magazine: "My dad is British, his parents were in the Windrush generation – they came from Jamaica to England. He lived here until he was seven and then they moved to Montreal. My grandpa’s a pastor and so [we’re a] church-going family. They still have a bunch of churches in Jamaica and they have a church in Montreal.
"I always had these dreams of London, of living here. I’d never been before. Probably the first time I came to London was in 2019.
"Every time I’ve touched down here [since], it felt like I was at home."
Taylor always felt destined to live and work in London at some stage in her life.
The actress feels fortunate to have met so many "incredible people" and she's relishing her time in the city.
She shared: "I have a lot of extended family here, but I just always had the sense as a little girl that I would live in London at some point, or that it would be home to me. I hadn’t really felt at home anywhere I’ve lived fully.
"In New York I felt that the most, probably out of anywhere in the world. Now, I feel that here. I feel at peace in a lot of ways. I’m meeting incredible people. I feel there were parts of my life that were dormant that [now] feel very ignited, which haven’t for years and years and years."