Taylor Swift Just Confirmed The Cosmopolitan Is Coming Back

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Taylor Swift Is Bringing Back The CosmoHector Vivas/TAS23 - Getty Images

The iconic Cosmopolitan cocktail was first dreamt up at the buzzy Tribeca restaurant The Odeon in the late '80s. The drink is comprised of Absolut Citron, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and lime juice, and served up with a lemon twist. It became a go-to accessory of Carrie Bradshaw and New Yorkers alike following its rise to fame in the late '90s—despite Sarah Jessica Parker's own longstanding disdain for it.

But even with the Sex and the City character's own air-tight grip on the Cosmo (even now), Taylor Swift is the one single-handedly bringing it back into the mainstream. Swift was recently spotted by Deux Mois fans at Lower East Side hotspot Casino alongside Zoë Kravitz, and according to the eyewitnesses, she ordered "several Cosmos."

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On a recent podcast episode from the celebrity gossip account, the anonymous hosts speculated that this could be the comeback the drink deserves. Instagram users chimed in with their takes, too. "About a year ago I decided not to be embarrassed by drinking cosmos anymore because cosmos are delicious," one person wrote, while another said, "I didn’t know cosmo ever left 😭 I feel very old. Justice for cosmo." A third person added, "Taylor’s fav being cosmo is so me coded."

While the Cosmopolitan never exactly disappeared from cocktail menus, it had seemingly fallen off the cool-cocktail map for years. But according to Estelle Bossy, Beverage Director of NYC's Panorama Room, "guests never stopped ordering" the drink. It's more likely that they were just quiet about their fandom as its reputation waned.

"As we reevaluated so many habitual modes of thinking, our concept of classic cocktails evolved beyond a short list of recipes dating from the late 1800s to a broader group of beverages that are more universal and relatable," Bossy told Harper's Bazaar last year. "A balance of just four ingredients, the cosmo itself was never the problem, but our snobbery toward it was."

With Swift's stamp of approval, maybe we can finally get over that snobbery. After all, if Carrie Bradshaw could inspire its original rise to fame, imagine what Swift will do to its resurgence.

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