The 'Taylor Swift effect' comes for Super Bowl parties. Just say yes to 'Bad Bloody Marys,' 'Tayter Tots' and 'Pigs in a Cardigan.'

Taylor Swift fans are in their 'Super Bowl Era.'

Taylor Swift Super Bowl parties are all the rage this season.
Taylor Swift fans are throwing Swift-themed Super Bowl parties. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Getty Images; courtesy Mallory Lee and Kristin Miller; courtesy Ariel Hendrix)

Super Bowl parties are getting a makeover this year thanks to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

The relationship between the pop star and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end has brought new fans to the NFL. League commissioner Roger Goodell recently credited “the Taylor Swift effect” for creating “another group of young fans, particularly young women, that are interested” in the sport.

“She’s a football fan, and I think that’s great for us,” he said of Swift on Monday.

As the Chiefs gear up to face the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas on Feb. 11, people are dreaming up unique ways of watching the big game with the “Anti-Hero” singer in mind.

“I’ve never cared about football, but I’m looking forward to this year’s game and hosting a big party for it!” Ariel Hendrix, who lives in Texas, told Yahoo Entertainment.

Hendrix is showing her love for Swift by offering trays of treats and other “Traylor-themed” accessories to her guests, presented on a giant red table that reads “Go Taylor’s Boyfriend!”

Janica Lee, an avid sports fan and self-proclaimed “new Swiftie” from Missouri, told Yahoo Entertainment she made Swift-and-Kelce-themed bingo cards by hand to give to guests for a Super Bowl party she’s throwing at home. She also made a custom “Eras Tour” poster to pose in front of for those eager to “take lots of selfies” during the game.

“It's truly just a fun way to celebrate,” she said.

Hendrix and Lee aren't the only ones hopping on the trend. According to data from Reddit, one of the top trending food subreddits for the week of Jan. 29 to Feb. 4 was called “So what food are we serving for our Super Bowl (Taylor's Version) parties?

The responses were equal parts hilarious and festive. From “Tayter Tots” and “Pigs in a Cardigan” to “Look What You Made Fondue” and “Antipasta Hero,” many of the dish names Reddit users shared are puns on some of Swift’s biggest hits.

Swiftie Bowl essentials

There are lots of interactive elements to consider if you're planning to host your own Swift-themed Super Bowl party, Texas lifestyle influencer team Mallory Richardson and Kristin Miller tell Yahoo Entertainment.

“Setting up a backdrop where guests can take photos is so great,” the pair said in a joint interview. Adding accessories like Polaroid cameras, friendship bracelets and disco balls makes it even more engaging.

Make the party kid-friendly by providing Super Bowl-themed coloring books, or even bringing a trunk of Swift-and Kelce-themed costumes — Chiefs jerseys, bedazzled shirts, blonde wigs, hats, song lyric signs — for families to play dress-up and take photos against the backdrop.

Stations for snacks, cocktails or making DIY friendship bracelets are all options to consider, Lee and Miller said.

Hosts can incorporate clever plays on their favorite songs — “Bad Bloody Marys,” “Shake It Off” milkshakes, “Blank Space” cookies, “Wings Are Never Getting Back Together,” “Paper (Onion) Rings” and “My Beers Ricochet” are just some examples that Richardson and Miller rattled off.

Abby Peek, who is throwing a Super Bowl bash, advises fellow party throwers to “make sure there is something for everyone.”

“Since I am a Swiftie and a Chiefs fan, for my party I will be doing a nice and balanced mix of Taylor Swift-inspired decor and stereotypical football fan decor,” the Oklahoma-based blogger told Yahoo Entertainment. “Combining Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl into one party is a great way to bring people who have different passions together in a fun and exciting way.”

Most importantly, don’t forget why everyone’s actually there: “Make sure there is a dedicated space for people who actually want to watch the game!” she said.

Tight on budget? Keep it DIY

When it comes to decor, Kansas-based Chiefs fan Sarah Krivena said it’s all about getting creative on a budget.

Krivena made a giant banner out of paper plates to hang outside her home. It reads: “In Our Super Bowl Era.” She later supplemented with strands that say, “Dads, Brads and Chads,” a nod to a quote from Swift’s Time Person of the Year interview.

“I didn’t want to spend $50 on something that would hang for less than two weeks,” she told Yahoo Entertainment. “I ended up only needing to buy the plates and used other materials I had for the letters and string.”

To that end, don’t be afraid of reusing “Eras Tour” accessories.

“I’m sure everyone has some leftover friendship bracelet materials from the ‘Eras Tour,’” said Krivena. “I know I did, and I made 10 bracelets! This is the most fun I’ve had during a football season.”

For many Swifties who also love the NFL, the upcoming Super Bowl is more than just a game, it’s a reflection of unity and a sign that two worlds, no matter how far apart they seem, can come together and celebrate each other’s strengths through a shared love of sports and music.

The “Traylor effect” is a win-win for both Swift and Kelce.

“The Chiefs can benefit from the nationwide excitement and support of their team, and the Swifties get to finally see Taylor in the beautiful and thriving relationship she has always longed for,” Richardson and Miller said.