Yahoo readers reveal exactly how they like their tea

Yahoo UK's poll of the week lets you vote and indicate your strength of feeling on one of the week's hot topics. After 72 hours the poll closes and, each Friday, we'll publish and analyse the results, giving readers the chance to see how polarising a topic has become and if their view chimes with other Yahoo UK readers.

Man holding a cup of tea in two hands, in a spotty mug.
There's nothing quite like a proper brew. (Getty Images)

The British love of a cuppa is world-famous, as are the thousands of opinions Brits have about how a proper cup of tea should be brewed.

From what colour it should be, to what kind of cups to use (some may demand fine china; others prefer a sturdy, comforting mug), to whether you should pour tea or milk first... the arguments are endless.

After International Tea Day last week, Yahoo UK stirred things up by asking you to tell us exactly how you like your tea.

Here are the results:


Our poll asked: 'How strong do you like your tea?'

It received more than 2,220 votes and showed around a third (32%) of Yahoo readers preferred their tea slightly milkier than the middle shade of brew.

But this was closely followed by 26% of voters said they liked a shade in the middle of the graph, which is strong with a splash of milk. Meanwhile, the weakest shade of tea was the least popular with just 3% of votes.

In comparison to a similar poll conducted by YouGov in 2018, Yahoo readers preferred the slightly darker shades of tea with greater share of the votes spread across the four darkest shades.

26% of voters said they liked their tea strong with a splash of milk

Yahoo News UK readers were also asked: 'How fussy about you about the colour of your tea?'


This poll received 1,330 votes with the most common vote being 8, indicating many readers felt strongly about the colour their tea should be.

The average strength-of-feeling score on all the votes was 7.89, which makes it one of the issues Yahoo's readers feel most strongly about.

Our original poll article can be found here.

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