'I was in tears!' Tyler Perry got so emotional disciplining his son

Tyler Perry got "so emotional" when disciplining his son.
The 53-year-old actor has eight-year-old Aman with ex-girlfriend Gelila Bekele and explained that he "had to leave the room" after having to tell the little one off for not wanting to brush his teeth.
Speaking in a preview for an upcoming episode of 'Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast', he told the former First Lady: "I walk in the room and we have a nanny who was helping us out and [Aman's] just giving them business, he didn't want to brush his teeth. He's about five or six then and didn't want to brush his teeth.
"He didn't know I was in the door, I watched him for a minute, and then I had the nanny leave and I got down eye-to-eye and talked to him. I said, 'Listen to me, you are not going to be this way. We love you.
"We are your parents. You will not behave this way. We taught you better than this. You are a better kid than this. You're going to be a better man than this. And I'm talking to him. I started to get emotional in the moment and I had to leave the room."
The 'A Madea Homecoming' star went on to add that during his own upbringing, there was just "yelling and cussing" whenever his parents had to discipline him and the "beautiful moment" with his son helped him "heal" from his own trauma.
He added: "I went out on the balcony I was in tears because I realized that nobody had ever talked, got down and talked to me eye-to-eye and had a conversation with me that I could understand.
"There was just yelling and cussing and what you're not and what you're never going to be.
"So to have a moment where I had a chance to have a conversation with a child, who is my spitting image, I was not only correcting and leading him the right way but helping my own little boy inside of me heal, it was a beautiful moment."