Tennessee Reporter Surprises News Anchor By Proposing While She's Working

When news anchor Cornelia Nicholson was recording promos this past weekend, she never expected to become the news story.

Nicholson was recording promos for Chattanooga, Tennessee, NBC affiliate WRCB TV like she’s done many times before, but there was something strange about the phrasing of one particular one.

“And coming up right now, we have the story of two young journalists who just so happened to find love in the same industry…” Nicholson read before breaking into a huge, cautious grin.

“Local 3’s Riley Nagel joins us in the studio for a special report?”

Although Nicholson and Nagel are dating and have known each other since they met while working at a Billings, Montana, TV station, she was surprised because they work different hours.

The shock continued when Nagel showed up on camera carrying a bouquet of roses.

“That’s right, Cornelia, I do have a very special report,” Nagel said before going into his real reason for the on-set visit.

“You’re always pushing me to be better in news and other aspects of my life, and I thought it’d be fitting to ask you this question here since we met in news,” Nagel said before getting down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

And, yes, he had an engagement ring.

“I’m going to cry!” Nicholson said before saying, “Yeah!” and making him put the ring on her finger.

“I’ve got to put it on? I’m kind of shaking,” Nagel nervously said.

You can see the whole exchange below.

Nicholson told The New York Post that she knew a proposal was coming but had no idea it would be in the TV studio.

“Remembering back, he was like a nervous wreck,” Nicholson told the paper. “His hands were shaking. I’ve never seen him be that nervous ever.”

Nicholson also posted post-proposal pics on Facebook and, in another post, thanked everyone “who helped keep this a secret from me (because you know I’m a snoop and find out everything.”

Although the couple is excited to take the next step, their separate schedules mean they haven’t had time to really enjoy being engaged.

“Just watching it back, it’s so cute,” Nicholson said. “But wow, I can’t believe you really did that. That’s crazy.”