Terrifying intruder emerges from under Aussie woman's couch

The Queenslander might start leaving her backdoor shut after this incident.

A Queensland woman has captured the moment a massive intruder slithered out from underneath a sofa and began making its way around her home.

In the video, which has racked up more than 297,000 views, the coastal carpet python can be seen moving across living room tiles and heading towards a glass sliding door. "That is f**king huge," the Sunshine Coast resident says on camera.

Snake in Queensland resident's living room
The carpet python appeared from under the couch and terrified the Aussie homeowner. Source: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

Fortunately the reptile sees itself out, making its way through the door and onto the back patio as the woman urges an onlooker off screen to close a neighbour's backdoor.

As soon as the snake's tail glides out of the home, the woman then rushes forward to shut the glass door. "Oh my God," she says, exhaling. "Oh my God. Oh my God." While the other woman asks "is there anywhere else out there it can come in?" and encourages the woman filming to call a snake catcher "straight away".

'What a ripper'

By the time Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7's Dan arrived, the coastal carpet python was well and truly in the garden. "They are probably one of the more common snakes that you'll get around here," he can be heard saying in a video posted on the company's Facebook page. "They can grow to just about three metres or over. And they are beautiful."

The clip then cuts to the snake being released back into the wild and while it's slithering out of a blue snake bag, Dan can be heard saying "what a ripper".

Snake in Queensland garden
Viewers suggested they would move house if they spotted a python in their home. Source: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

'Packing up and leaving'

More than 3,600 people have since reacted to the video. "I would never live in Australia, no matter how beautiful it is there!" one terrified viewer wrote. While others said they would be "running for the front door screaming" if they spotted a snake in their living room.

"If I see this fellow in my house, I'm packing up and leaving," another commented. "He can have my house." Someone else said they would "accidentally tip over a candle".

While the coastal carpet python is non-venomous, they do have a mouthful of razor sharp teeth which can inflict serious lacerations or punctures.

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