Terrifying moment woman and child attacked by wild zoo animal

The mother was seen protecting her child from the deer.

A regular trip to the zoo almost turned deadly for a mother and her child when they were targeted by a deer which knocked them to the ground before attacking them.

A passer-by captured the horrific incident on video before sharing it on social media which shows the animal aggressively attacking the woman, appearing to use its head to push her off balance.

The footage begins by showing the young deer on a rampage suddenly attacking the child before her mother jumps in to protect her. The terrifying incident took place in a forest wildlife park in the city of Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China.

Woman and child attacked by deer at zoo Source: Australscope/Asiawire
Woman and child attacked by deer at zoo Source: Australscope/Asiawire

Strangers rush to woman's aid

The woman is seen laying on the grass as others stood by and watch on in horror. Some passers-by are seen attempting to intervene as the attack of the animal continues.

Another woman, wearing black, appears to wrestle with the animal, grabbing it by the head and pulling it away from the victim. Suddenly, one of the people helping the woman pulls out a child from her embrace, during a moment of respite from the animal's attack.

As the footage ends, the woman who was wrestling the animal pushes it away from the initial victim. It is seen angrily raising its front legs, knocking down a white bag from the woman before then calming down.

Internet users were quick to commend the woman in black for her bravery and selfless acts in preventing the animal from causing further injuries.

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