Our Testers Crowned This Japanese Moisturizer the Best for Dry Skin, and It’s on Sale at Amazon

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Shoppers say it makes skin “fresh” and “glowing.”

One morning, when I was 15 and feeling particularly frustrated by my frizzy hair, I doused my strands in olive oil. It was a trick I’d seen on some blog — and, while the fatty-acid rich ingredient can, in fact, soften dry tresses, I’d failed to execute by forgetting to shampoo it out. After spending the school day dripping in cooking oil and explaining the smell and drowned-rat appearance, I swore to never touch olive oil as a beauty treatment ever again.

It wasn’t until I discovered DHC, a Japanese skincare brand that formulates all its products with the fatty acid-rich lipid, that I dipped my toe back into the olive oil realm, and I’ve yet to feel like a greaseball. Rather, its products leave me soft, glowing, and feeling fresh. I’m a major fan of the brand’s popular cleansing oil; after noticing the DHC Olive Virgin Oil Essential Cream — an official InStyle pick for dry skin — I’m eager to get my hands on a jar, particularly before autumn weather descends upon us and leaves my face flaky, tight, and dry. If you can relate to this feeling, I’d highly advise snagging a jar of the cream for yourself, too: For a limited time, it’s on sale at Amazon.





The DHC Olive Virgin Oil Essential Cream is an ultra-hydrating, skin-softening moisturizer designed specifically for sensitive and ultra-dry skin types. Hailing from a Japanese beauty brand known for using 100 percent organic Spanish olive oil in its formulas, the moisturizer delivers naturally occurring fatty acids, which can help deliver a more youthful appearance over time. Moreover, the moisturizer is brimming with additional nutrient-rich additives — specifically, ingredients that fend off flakiness so many of us experience in the colder months.

In addition to its titular hero ingredient, this cream contains glycerin — an underrated skin hydrator and humectant that, as dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick, MD, previously told InStyle, “can smooth the skin.” Moreover, as dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm, MD, previously shared, "glycerin is one of a precious few moisturizing ingredients that has a lasting effect, well beyond its time of application and absorption.” In other words, glycerin delivers both instant and long-lasting hydration, hence the DHC moisturizer’s skin-plumping prowess.

Also of note from an ingredient standpoint: Squalene. Perhaps you’ve heard of the stuff; it is, after all, a youth-preserving, skin-softening superhero. According to dermatologist Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD, via a previous InStyle report, squalane boasts “wonderful hydrating properties, and maintains our skin's own moisture barrier." Moreover, Dr. Turegano shared, "Our skin naturally produces squalene (with an "e"), but production decreases as we age." By applying the synthesized version (i.e. squalane) via products, such as DHC’s moisturizer, we can help restore skin softness that dwindles with age.

InStyle testers crowned DHC’s dry skin moisturizer the best overall — of dozens tested — citing the formula’s creamy, thick, yet fast-absorbing, texture and skin-plumping finish. Moreover, one tester said the moisturizer made their skin “hydrated,” and made them “look like [they’d] woken up from a deep, rested slumber.”

Shoppers share similar sentiments. For instance, one reviewer says “it’s thick, but not heavy,” “leaves [their] skin glowing in the morning,” and they appear “fresh” upon waking thanks to DHC’s moisturizer. Another shopper, who is “later-aged” and has “super dry skin,” notes that the hydrating, moisturizing benefits resist evaporation; instead, the hydrating feeling “stays a long time.” Another shopper, who discovered this moisturizer in a Japanese hotel, swears they “saw immediate results” post-use. According to yet another fan, who has highly sensitive skin and has relied on DHC for over a decade, this cream is non-irritating despite their allergy-prone skin.

For a smoothing, soothing, and highly quenching moisturizer that fights cold-weather flakiness, shop the DHC Olive Virgin Oil Essential Cream. In light of the impending cold weather, I'm absolutely stocking up while it’s still on sale.

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