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The 'amazing' dessert drink that's made with an unexpected ingredient: 'Nectar of the gods'

Think creamy, sweet, and delicious.

The weather is getting cooler and many of us are bunkering down at home in the evenings. Whether you're curling up on the couch with a good book, or cosying up in your PJs in front of Netflix, sometimes it's nice to have a pre-bedtime treat that's a bit different from your usual glass of wine or cup of hot chocolate.

If you like a sweet tipple but fancy a change from your usual bottle shop picks, customers have discovered an after-dinner drink perfect for warming you up. And, spoiler alert: it features a surprising flavour profile.

"Very smooth and creamy," says one happy customer. "I can't stop ordering more." Another agrees, "Truly the nectar of the gods. Outstanding on its own with ice in a glass. It really is amazing."

Sortilege Maple Cream Liqueur
Sortilege Maple Cream Liqueur is a dessert drink. Photo: Supplied

Sortilege Maple Cream Liqueur, $45, is a delicious blend of fresh dairy cream, pure Quebec maple syrup and a dash of Canadian whisky. It features dessert-like flavours of vanilla ice cream, maple, caramel, and coffee milk chocolate, and leaves a chocolatey, hazelnut aftertaste.

Smooth, rich and creamy, it's perfect on the rocks but is also a great boost in coffee or cocktails. Add it to your espresso martini for a real treat!


Made in Canada, Sortilege is derived from an authentic recipe developed by the descendants of the first settlers of Quebec. They brought Whisky-making techniques to the New World and added a native ingredient - maple syrup. Combined with Canadian Rye Whisky, they developed Sortilege - which has become world-renowned.

The drink took home the Gold Award in the 2017 Canadian Whisky Awards and sold out in 2023. Now it's back, just in time to keep you warm for the winter.

One happy customer has given a warning though; "It doesn't last long!"

Sortilege Maple Cream Liqueur on tray with drinks
Sortilege Maple Cream Liqueur is made in Canada from Canadian Rye Whisky. Photo: Supplied

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