The Block couple divided on 'inappropriate' parenting act

The Block star SJ Calleja has said there's one parenting act she and husband Tom vehemently disagree on.

The Block besties Sarah-Jane Calleja and Rachel Carr aren't afraid to tackle parenting and relationship issues on their podcast I Just Can't with SJ & Rach, and one of their latest episodes had SJ admitting a parenting issue that she and her husband Tom Calleja couldn't agree on.

Discussing whether it's appropriate to kiss your kids on the lips, SJ said she and Tom don't see eye-to-eye on the issue.

"I give Cleo a kiss on the lips. I always do and I don't see an issue with it. Tom is so against it, he's never kissed her on the lips," SJ said.

Tom and SJ Calleja with their daughter
The Block's SJ has said she and her husband Tom disagree about kissing their daughter on the lips. Photo:

SJ revealed her husband dubbed it as 'inappropriate' and 'unhygienic'.

"When Cleo was born, he wanted me to tell my family that no one can kiss her on the lips. He thinks it's half-inappropriate, half-unhygienic," she shared.


Rachel said she also kisses her kids on the lips, but said she understood where Tom was coming from.

SJ Calleja and Rachel Carr
The Block 2022 stars SJ and Rach now host a podcast together where they talk parenting, relationships, and reality TV. Photo:

"I kiss my kids on the lips too, but I do see exactly where he's coming from. Ryan does too," she says.

SJ brought up how it was only last year that David Beckham was called out for kissing his then 10-year-old daughter Harper on the lips.


"What age do you allow Ryan to continue to kiss your daughters or your son on the lips?" she asked Rachel.

Rachel said it was up to her kids. "I'd leave it up to my kids. It's a personal choice for them," she said.

"It's really hard. I don't think my mum or dad ever kissed me on the lips. I think it's a generational thing we've started doing now."

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