The Block judge Darren Palmer addresses 'toxic behaviour' taking over the show

The Block judge Darren Palmer didn't mince his words when asked about some of the contestants' behaviour on the show.

The Block judge Darren Palmer has spoken out about the ‘toxic behaviour’ fans have claimed to witness on the show this year.

In a candid Q&A on his Instagram account following last night’s master suite room reveals, the 45-year-old judge slammed what has been playing out on screens.

The Block 2023 judges
Darren Palmer (second from the left) has slammed the 'toxic' behaviour on this year's season of The Block. Photo: Nine

When asked by a follower what he thinks of the ‘behavior from House 2 and 3 on The Block this year?’ Darren didn’t mince his words.

He replied: “It’s fortunate we don’t hear about or see anything that happens during the week. Keeps judging fair and subjective. I do not condone bullying.”


Darren Palmer slams The Block on Instagram
He took to his Instagram Stories to make his point. Photo: Instagram/Darren Palmer
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‘All out war is brewing’

His comments come after an insider revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that some of the contestants have been left ‘devastated’ by their edit and warned that we haven’t even reached the tip of the drama yet.

“An all out war is brewing,” the insider told us.

“Big problems start small and we are only being teased with the actual drama that unfolds in coming weeks.”

According to our source, some of the contestants on the show were cast specifically to lock heads, however no one predicted how much they would clash.


“Building houses will always be the priority for the producers but even they will admit the drama between the women this year seemed to pull focus,” the source said.

“The tension which keeps building as the series goes on has also shocked the contestants.

“What happened during filming isn't matching most of the contestants' ideas on who would be popular with viewers. I'd say it is almost in reverse.”

While we’re only halfway through the series, it’s believed some contestants are already thinking of how they can turn their image around in time for the auctions in November.

The Block Kristy Leah and Steph taking a selfie
It comes after viewers said they were turning off in their droves. Photo: Channel Nine

The Block viewers turn off

Die-hard fans of The Block have slammed this year’s season of the reality series for focusing too much on the contestants’ “toxic behaviour” rather than their renovations.

Taking to Reddit, one viewer shared that the show’s constant negativity and “bullying” amongst the cast is becoming more and more difficult to watch.

“I don’t mind a bit of drama, it’s a reality show so I get there might be some sparks, but every single episode there’s toxic behaviour, snarky comments and bullying and it's kind of bringing me down,” they wrote.

“I don’t feel good after watching The Block anymore and that’s a shame because this is usually my comfort show. I hope it gets better as the season goes on.”

Others agreed that the drama is “tiring” and they prefer to watch the show online so they have the ability to “skip through all the toxicity”.

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