The Block's Eliza and Liberty issue 'formal apology' after House 5 giveaway fail

‘I actually feel terrible.’

Just over a month after The Block’s billionaire bidder Adrian Portelli held a giveaway for Steph and Gian’s property, the entrepreneur has announced the winner of Eliza and Liberty’s House 5.

Adrian, who purchased three properties in last year’s finale for a combined total of $12.4 million, recently held an online raffle where the winner could choose between $2.2 million or the $4.3 million house.

Adrian Portelli with The Block’s Eliza and Liberty Paschke looking shocked.
The Block’s billionaire bidder Adrian Portelli held an online competition to give away Eliza and Liberty’s House 5. Photos: Facebook/LMCTPlus

The businessman took to social media on Friday to announce the lucky winner alongside Eliza and Liberty, who left viewers in stitches with their hilarious reaction.

Adrian had called the winner, Shane from Victoria, before passing the phone to the sisters so they could break the news.

“Now, you didn’t win the third prize, you didn’t win the second prize,” Eliza teased. “So I guess that means - you’ve won first place!”

Eliza and Liberty both screamed the announcement into the phone which affected their microphones and caused the audio to cut out.


It wasn’t until after the Facebook Live ended that the fan favourites realised their mistake and posted a “formal apology” on their Instagram Story.

“I would like to issue a formal apology to the LMCT+ staff, to the LMCT+ community, to Lib and Adrian,” Eliza began. “I screamed in the giveaway and it turns out the loudness of my voice, the decibels, has knocked out all the microphones because it's never heard such a high decibel!”

“So in turn that meant that no one could hear the winner announced,” Liberty added. “So congratulations, you have ruined the winner announcement, how do you feel?”

“I genuinely ruined everything and I actually feel terrible,” Eliza replied.

Adrian Portelli with The Block’s Eliza and Liberty Paschke.
Eliza said she felt ‘terrible’ for ruining Adrian’s livestream. Photo: Instagram/elizaandliberty

Competition winner's surprising decision

Following the Facebook Live announcement, Adrian called the winner, Shane, over the weekend to find out whether he decided on taking the cash or the house.

“I think I’ve decided I’m going with the cash option,” Shane revealed. “The property would be nice… But I just feel like the position I’m in at the moment, the cash option would be the safer bet.

“I can turn around and put most of it in a term deposit and just sit on it for a while. I don’t want to go silly with it or anything.”

This is a similar outcome to the winner of Steph and Gian’s house last month, who decided to take the cash prize of $2.5 million over the $5 million house.

The result means that both House 4 and House 5 will be re-raffled in the coming months, while Kyle and Leslie’s House 1 is also yet to be given away.


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Kyle and Leslie admit they’re looking forward to working with Adrian to give away their house.

“We would like to do something to market our house and get it out there publicly for his business and for us, and it'd be great to see someone walk away with it,” Kyle says.

While it’s unknown how they will promote House 1 together, Leslie jokes she would have “a lot of explaining to do” to their children if they did a naked photoshoot like Steph and Gian.

“We’ll probably do one with more clothes,” Kyle adds with a laugh.

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