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This flameless candle warmer is the smartest invention ever: A fire-fearing writer's review

Now I can enjoy the inviting glow and aroma without worrying about burning my house down.

There's something about winter that always makes me want to dust off my candle collection. Maybe it's because my homebody self loves an excuse to stay inside, and filling my home with inviting aromas seems like the coziest thing ever. Well, it would be — if it weren't for my massive phobia about fire. For as long as I can remember, I've been afraid of burning my house down, so lighting candles is a rare occurrence. Then, last year, my social media feeds were suddenly flooded with candle-warming lamps, which melt candles with no flames required. In particular, Cozyberry candle warmers made it onto the most recent Google Holiday 100 list, which said that search interest had shot up by 1,000% and that they were the top-trending interior decor item last year.

This product sounds right up my alley, I thought. So I put it at the top of my Christmas wish list, and my thoughtful husband came through. Now that I've been able to give it a go, here's my review.

I might not have pets or kids threatening to knock over candles, but I'm pretty sure I'm this flame-free lamp's biggest fan. 

$50 at Amazon

How it works

First, some context: Candle warmers have gone viral because they act like little heat lamps for candles, meaning you have zero flames to deal with. Some melt from the bottom, but this one heats from the top. When you light a candle's wick, the middle sinks in more quickly than the sides. That said, this candle- warming lamp applies heat evenly, which the brand says can help your candles last twice as long.

Love at first light

Cozyberry candle warmers come in a variety of styles, from trendy and modern to more traditional. My husband picked out this lovely version with a wooden base, gold hardware and glass lamp head. I was smitten with its elegant look and knew that even if it wasn't effective on candles, I'd happily use it as a table lamp.

As someone who is sensitive to harsh lighting, I appreciate that it has a dimmer — more light obviously melts candles faster, but it's nice being able to set it to your desired level.

Putting it to the test

I'm not the handiest or most tech-savvy person, but I had no problems setting up the candle warmer. Everything came assembled, and all I needed to do was screw in the bulb (it came with two). Once that was done, I placed it on a side table in my dining room, put a candle underneath and plugged it in. I pressed the power button and then was able to select a timer for one, two or four hours. (If you can't already tell, I'm all about safety features.) I opted for one hour and then adjusted the brightness using the dial.

I wasn't sure how long it was supposed to take for the candle to start melting, and at first, I wondered if the lamp was doing anything. But my patience was rewarded: About five minutes after turning it on, I started to smell the candle's orange fragrance coming from the warmer. In half an hour, the scent permeated the room — heaven!

author photo of the candle warmer in use
I've decided I want a candle warmer for every room in my home. (Britt Ross/Yahoo)

Now that I've used it several times, I can say with 100% certainty that the Cozyberry candle warmer is one of my favorite home items. I'm enjoying my candles with more peace of mind, and they look prettier without a bunch of ash scattered all over them. Plus, there's no burnt smell that comes from lighting candles, just pure fragrance. I haven't had it long enough to test the claim that it dramatically extends the lives of candles, but I will say that the wax barely looks like it's moved, even after several hours.

FYI: The lamp is small but mighty, and it can get very hot, so be careful when you're using it.

Waxing poetic

Need a little more convincing that a Cozyberry candle warmer belongs in your home? Here's what other Amazon customers had to say.

"This lamp is so, so pretty and I love how it has a timer and a dimmer," gushed one satisfied shopper. "My room smells so amazing, and the scent lingers for so long, even after the lamp is turned off."

"I have four dogs and a 4-year-old child, so burning candles in my home is a recipe for disaster," shared another impressed buyer. "It's much smaller than expected, which is a good thing because that means it can fit in more areas. I was more surprised that it does, in fact, fit a large Yankee Candle jar. ... It began melting the candle almost immediately, and it melts very evenly. The biggest benefit of this product in comparison to other candle warmers is that it melts from the top and not the bottom ... that means that you can start to smell the candle almost immediately ... Probably one of the coolest products I've bought on Amazon. I'm going to start giving these alongside a candle to people for gifts."

"I use one of these in a 600-square-foot room and the scent completely fills the room," wrote a final fan. Their one note? "You do have to be careful with any candles that you might want to actually light as well. With some candles, the heat from the light causes the wick to separate from the bottom of the candle jar or the wick sinks into the wax, rendering it no longer lightable. I would recommend using a lower light setting and watching the candle at the beginning so you can stop melting it if it's ruining the candle."

If modern is more your style, this sleek model comes in white, black and pink. 

$40 at Amazon

Ready to jump aboard the candle-warmer train? You'll need a candle, of course! This one was made for Oprah and won a spot on her most recent Favorite Things list:

"This hand-poured candle was created just for us and gives off a lush rose scent, with elements of sandalwood and clove," Oprah said

$48 at Amazon

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