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Need juice? This portable power station is a 'quiet little beast' — and it's over $60 off

Portable power banks provide peace of mind. Of course they can light up a room during a power outage, but they can also juice up things like your fridge — so you can salvage that sour cream and rescue that romaine — and critical devices like your smartphone. They're good to keep around, especially as the weather gets frightful. Thankfully, the top-rated Jackery Portable Power Station 240 is doubly discounted right now.

This device punches way above its weight, which happens to be a mere 7 pounds. It's designed to charge just about anything, from smartphones and laptops to mini-coolers and drones. At just $179 with the on-page coupon, the question is: Can you afford not to have one?

Save $61 with coupon
$179 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

If there's anything that winter storm season teaches us, it's that we need to be prepared for potential power outages. Already discounted, this portable juicer-upper also comes with an on-page coupon that drops its price by 25% — an easy buy.

Why do I need this?

This hefty portable power bank can handle multiple devices for long periods. It packs a punch with a 200-watt-hour lithium-ion battery. It comes with two USB-A ports, one DC car port and a 110-volt AC power outlet. It even boasts a 24-month warranty, just in case.

And there's no need to save it for an emergency: Take it camping, hunting or wherever else you find yourself in need of power.

Rolling blackouts? Approaching nor'easter? Dreaded family campout? Pishposh — you can stay prepared, entertained and powered up through it all. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 15,000 five-star fans rave about this generator.

“Today was my test day and I must say I am extremely happy with this product,” wrote a satisfied reviewer. “Besides camping, I live in a hurricane-prone area and two things I have learned: You can't take everything with you, and you don't know what you will be facing when you return after an evacuation. ... I have charged my laptop, two phones, handheld radios, emergency lighting and tested it with my CPAP and all worked well. When I need to evacuate, this will go with me. I would also like to mention the sales/service department that answered all of my questions.”

"I love mine," said another empowered user. "Easy to use on the go when you need a power source, love the carrying case for all the cords. Excellent customer service department. Responded quickly when I reached out after losing the power cord. They sent a replacement right away. I plan to buy the solar panel attachment next." (Good news: The compatible Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel is on sale right now too.)

Sing us a song, piano man: "Excellent value. ... I got this because I am a musician and I’ve been gigging a lot at local farmers' markets, which don’t always have a power source for my equipment," wrote a five-star fan. "I used a surge protector and plugged it into this generator, and I plugged my amp and full piano keyboard into it. I performed for three straight hours with my keyboard at half volume and amp at near full volume, and it only went down to 64%."

"I drive daily, the Jackery 240 gets fully charged by my van cigarette lighter," said an on-the-go user. "The Jackery runs my fridge 24/7 and has been doing it for months now. After 10-12 hours overnight, my jackery is 65-75% charged, after running fridge all night. ... This little beast runs fridge, phone, and charges my cordless fan. ... Great quiet little beast."

Another rocking customer said, "I'm a working musician and recently used the Jackery for an outdoor gig that had no power available. I used it to power my mixer and two speakers for two hours, and the Jackery was only down to 80%. I typically leave it in my truck and keep it charged up so it's ready whenever I need it. The only downside is it takes a bit to recharge it through vehicle power, so if you need it recharged quick, I suggest plugging it into a 110V outlet."

This handy device can recharge using the power of the sun (solar panel sold separately), so you can use it as a power source while you're camping.

Save $61 with coupon
$179 at Amazon

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