The Summit fans outraged over winner's surprising decision: 'Dog act'

The last-minute twist has sparked a fierce debate online.

 The Summit's Charlotte Shelton, Simmone Jade Mackinnon, and Mat Rogers.
The Summit came to a dramatic end on Tuesday night. Photo: Channel Nine

The Summit fans have been left divided following Tuesday night’s nail-biting final episode. The reality show’s second season came to a dramatic end when nurse and midwife Charlotte Shelton, actress Simmone Jade Mackinnon, and NRL legend Mat Rogers reached the top of the mountain with $536,000 in their backpacks.

While the trio celebrated their win, there was one last twist in the form of a yellow duffel bag that had the power to completely change the game. Mat let Charlotte open the bag where she found out that she alone had the power to split the cash however she wanted.

The jury, made up of the 12 eliminated trekkers, arrived to share their thoughts on what Charlotte should do, with some encouraging her to split it evenly and others telling her to “take it all”.


In the end, she chose to give Mat and Simmone $100,000 each while she kept a whopping $336,000 for herself.

“I just put $336,000 in a bag that I am going to take home and I feel very confused about it, but also elated,” she said after making her decision.

“I tried to be fair but I just made a decision that put me first a little bit. I feel like the dice rolled in my favour today and I can make my partner and my family's lives better.”

The Summit's Charlotte Shelton.
Viewers were divided over Charlotte’s decision to split the money unevenly. Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers were clearly divided on social media following Charlotte’s controversial decision, with a majority of people calling the move a “dog act” and “poor form”.

“Very disappointed in Charlotte. She would not have made it as well as she did without the support of Mat and Simone. It should have been an even split,” one person wrote.

“Char did them dirty in the end,” another added, while a third said, “Should’ve been split equally three ways, Char wouldn’t have got to the top without a lot of help without Mat, bag carrying etc, she has to live with her decision”.

“I'm disappointed in how the money was split, they all summited there needs to only be one winner. All 3 completed the summit which was working as a team to get to the top. Not a great ending,” someone else replied.

“She showed her true colours! No respect for her at all, totally disrespectful to the man that gave it all to you,” a different user remarked.

Meanwhile, others argued that Charlotte made the right decision and $100,000 for Simmone and Matt is still a lot of money.

“Hey, $100k would be awesome,” a fan commented, followed by someone else who said, “I think that’s a pretty good outcome”.


“No I’m glad Char did that - karma bit Mat on the bum,” another viewer shared in reference to the two-time Australian Survivor star’s strategic gameplay.

“I think she split the money perfectly,” someone else agreed, while one fan remarked, “In all honesty, if Matt had been the only one to get to that bag, do you really think he would've split it three ways, or being the game player that he is, kept it all for himself considering how the whole group felt about his backstabbing ways?”.

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