Therapy helped to control my anxiety, says Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards believes therapy has helped to "control" her anxiety.
The 29-year-old pop star - who has launched a new mental health campaign with the charity Better Help - has opened up about her anxiety struggles in a social media post.
Perrie - who shot to fame as part of Little Mix - wrote on Instagram: "I’ve found that opening up about my mental health has really helped me to better understand and take control of my anxiety. Therapy is something that I truly believe everyone can benefit from but sadly it’s not always accessible."
The chart-topping star is determined to "break the stigma around mental health".
She shared: "I’m so excited to announce my partnership with @betterhelp Together, we're on a mission to make therapy accessible and to break the stigma around mental health (sic)"
Perrie is also keen to help people who are dealing with mental health issues.
She said: "My heart leapt when I was offered the chance to partner up with @betterhelp to provide people with the opportunity to start their therapy journey and to just encourage people to ask for help.
"I know that this is only the first step but I hope that it helps as many of you as possible. (sic)"
Perrie previously confessed to feeling "embarrassed" about her mental health struggles.
The blonde beauty told Glamour magazine: "At first, I was so embarrassed because I thought if I tell everybody I’ve been to therapy, they’re going to think I’m nuts.
"I thought people are going to think I’m mental and at one point I thought my mum was going to have to send me somewhere because I was having these dark thoughts, I was thinking differently to the way I would.
"I’m a very positive, outgoing, bubbly, sunshine person and then I was thinking dark thoughts that were freaking me out. The more I thought about it, the more it would freak me out even more."