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These 10 toilet accessories will keep your bowl looking (and feeling) like a true porcelain throne

From an editor-tested bidet to a heated seat, our potty-perfecting picks will upgrade your bathroom — no ifs, ands or butts about it.

a white toilet against a blue wall
Think of your toilet as a blank canvas that's just begging for a little embellishment. (Getty Images)

Ready to accessorize? No, I'm not talking about jewelry or handbags. As someone who tests and writes about home products for a living, I'm more interested in decking out my toilet. (Yes, really!) I know, these bathroom fixtures get a bad rap — but that's all the more reason to make them as comfortable, clean and efficient as possible. For instance, have you ever experienced the joys of a bidet? And if you hate scrubbing your bowl (raises hand), having a toilet cleaning stamp will keep you from having to do that dirty work every week.

There are so many ways to upgrade your toilet, from nightlights to lid handles, and these are my top 10 Amazon picks for turning an ordinary commode into a porcelain throne.

If you've ever experienced the wonder that is a bidet, you know how glorious it feels on your tush — not to mention, it's much more sanitary than wiping. This one, beloved by one Yahoo Life editor, installs in just minutes and offers adjustable water pressure for front and rear cleanings. 

Check out our editor's full Bio Bidet review for more. 

$43 at Amazon

Scrubbing the toilet is a pain in the butt. But this nifty gadget offers a nearly hands-off way for me to maintain my bowl in between cleanings. Each dispenser comes with six gel stamps, which you apply to the side of the bowl (it's extremely satisfying). Then, every time the toilet is flushed, the water activates the cleaning gel to minimize limescale residue and toilet rings and emit a fresh scent. Pretty genius, huh? The dispenser comes with six stamps, each of which can last 12 days (or more, in my experience). 

Check out my full Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Stamp review for more. 

$5 at Amazon
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$5 at Target$7 at Ace Hardware

Sometimes, a bendy toilet brush just won't do when there are stuck-on stains to tackle. (Ew.) This cleaning tool is gritty enough to scrape away mildew, rust, hard water and mineral residue, along with any other unsightly stains, but it's not so abrasive that it'll scratch your toilet. Plus, it has a handle to keep your hands away from the icky stuff. 

"I’ve been searching everywhere for a handled pumice stone to clean the hard-water ring from my toilets," shared one happy shopper. "I have three bathrooms, and this pumice stone is a godsend! No more abrasive stone against my hand while cleaning. The handle is sturdy and well-attached. The pumice is effective but porous enough not to scratch the porcelain."

$14 at Amazon

When going Number Two feels a little, well, difficult, changing the position of your body can help move things along. The Squatty Potty — a Shark Tank icon — props up your feet in an effort to "unkink" your colon (their words, not mine). This creates an unobstructed path for waste to take, making for more comfortable BMs. 

"I reached a point where pooping was a weekly struggle with minimal results," shared a now-"relieved" reviewer. "The Squatty Potty was an impulse buy out of sheer desperation for relief from my chronic constipation. All I can say is, I can’t believe I didn’t buy it earlier. Of course, it doesn’t make me go, but when I have an urge, I’m able to complete the transaction painlessly. No more straining or squeezing or (sometimes) screaming."

$25 at Walmart
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$25 at Amazon$29 at Wayfair

It happens to all of us: the urge to get up to pee in the middle of the night. Rather than having to turn on a harsh bathroom light while your eyes are still sleepy, clip these motion-sensor nightlights onto your toilets. You can choose from eight colors to help you see where you're going without being too jarring. Plus, they'll come in handy if you have kids or grandkids.

"I was introduced to this light when I was a guest at a friend's home," shared a shopper. "Quite a nice surprise when entering the bathroom in the middle of the night. I immediately ordered a pair for our home. No need to turn on the bathroom light and shock your eyes. And for us males — certainly helps with our aim."

$13 at Amazon

This little piece of plastic might be one of the most clever inventions out there. All you do is peel off the adhesive cover and stick it to your toilet seat — and now you've got a handy, well, handle. Now when your significant other forgets to lower the seat (or it's time to clean the toilet), you'll be spared from touching anything you'd rather not.

"I’m a germaphobe, so this purchase made too much sense," admitted one clean fiend. "One of my pet peeves is having to touch the toilet seat. I sanitize my home daily, if not hourly, and the handle makes cleaning the toilet so much more tolerable. The handle doesn’t get splatter on it, [it's] super easy to install and the adhesive sticks perfectly."

$12 at Amazon

Toilet plungers are necessities, but they don't have to be eyesores. Case in point: this sleek plunger and brush combo. Now you'll be able to keep two bathroom essentials in one compact unit that's ideal for smaller spaces. 

"Having three sets for my three baths is a game-changer," raved a fan. "It's a must for cleanliness and ensures guests won't face any embarrassing crises. The design is sleek, and the set is efficient and durable."

$22 at Amazon

I'll admit, toilet lid covers used to confuse me — untiI I realized that if you need to sit on the lid, they're much more comfortable than hard plastic. This No. 1 bestseller comes in nearly 20 colors to suit all types of bathroom decor and was designed to fit over most standard lids. It's made of soft chenille, which not only feels plush, it also protects your toilet seat from scratches. Plus, it's machine-washable. 

"Sometimes, I wish to sit on my toilet seat with the lid down, but it's so cold," explained a shopper. "My mother had these in our bathroom when I was younger, and I thought, ‘Why not!’ I'm glad I did. It looks nice and is very comfortable for sitting."

$16 at Amazon

Why not make going to the bathroom a luxurious experience? This heated toilet seat (complete with a built-in nightlight) has three temperature settings to spare your booty from the cold, cold can. All you need is a wrench to install it, and this model fits practically any round toilet. 

"Not until we went to a friend's house that had a heated toilet seat did I ever think how much I would enjoy this simple little luxury!" gushed a reviewer. "The light feature is nice ... When they say heated, they mean it; we only have it on the first of three levels of heat, and it is plenty toasty! Recommend the splurge!"

$143 at Amazon
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$240 at Lowe's

Of course, no toilet is complete without a little odor-reducing spray. This No. 1 bestseller has a pleasant citrus scent (the brand has tons of other fragrances to choose from as well) and you'll get up to 100 uses out of this cute little bottle. To use, just spritz some onto the water in your bowl, then do your business. Guests will be relieved to see it!

"An essential in my household," shared a fan. "The Original Citrus scent, a blend of lemon, bergamot and lemongrass, leaves the bathroom smelling fresh and clean with just a few sprays before you go. It effectively eliminates odors before they even begin, making for a more pleasant bathroom experience for everyone ... conveniently sized for home use or to tuck away in a bag when on the go."

$7 at Ulta Beauty
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$8 at Lowe's$8 at Amazon

Time for a quick bonus round!

Okay, this is more of a toilet-adjacent product than a true toilet product, but I thought it was worth including. If you're tired of stacking extra TP rolls on the back of your toilet, this super-slim (as in, 6.7 inches wide) holder offers a chic way of hiding them while providing excess storage space for cleaning products or decorative items. 

"I have a very small toilet room and this is perfect," wrote a shopper. "It was so easy to put together. Tools and everything you need are included. It was done within 10 minutes. And it’s quite sturdy too!"

$23 at Amazon

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