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These aromatherapy steamers — down to $2 each — turn a shower into a spa and arrive by Mother's Day

Everyone could use a little more self-care, but how many times do chores and other tasks come ahead of taking a stress-relieving timeout? This Mother's Day, give your mom, grandma, aunt or any other special lady in your life the much-needed gift of relaxation. Body Restore Shower Steamers can help turn a regular old shower into a blissful, tranquil ritual and any old bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Get a six-pack for more than 25% off at Amazon.

These little pucks are made with baking soda and essential oils. "As someone without access to a bath, these made my showers so much calmer and made me feel like I was taking the time to care for myself every time I used one," said one fan.

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At $16 for six, these steamers are under $3 each — the lowest price we've seen in weeks. Buy some to give on Mother's Day, but don't forget to treat yourself to a little R&R too.

Bath bombs are wonderful, but sometimes we just don't have time for a long, leisurely soak. Enter shower steamers: Each disk is made with baking soda and essential oils. Hold one under running water or place it on the shower floor, then breathe deeply as it dissolves and releases a delicate, relaxing scent.

These shower steamers are perfect for anyone who wants a calming, spa-like experience without setting aside time for a bath. There's no need to fill a tub or wait ages for the steamer to dissolve. Best of all: It doesn't leave a mess, because moms don't need a gift that they have to clean up after. Each steamer lasts between 10 and 30 minutes — plenty of time even for longer showers. Some reviewers even say the steamers can last longer than one shower if they aren't in a direct stream of water.

Would you like a little aromatherapy with your wash-up? Of course you would!
Would you like a little aromatherapy with your wash-up? Of course you would! (Getty)

Many Amazon customers have already turned their showers into spas, with over 9,400 reviewers giving these steamers five-star ratings. Plus, more than 7,000 packs have been purchased in the last month alone.

"I love these shower steamers!" wrote one satisfied shopper. "They smell heavenly and last through my entire shower and then some. I am so addicted to these that I have them on a subscription. The scent fills my bathroom and then into my bedroom and hallway when I open the door after my shower!"

"These are so relaxing, they smell amazing and really do help calm you down and make you feel like you're in a spa. I got these as a gift and have purchased them two more times," said another relaxed reviewer.

A third five-star fan shared, "These shower bombs totally transformed my normal shower routine ... I always shower just before bed, and thought I would try these to pamper myself a little! ... I also really like that these are individually packaged — I can envision taking one on a weekend trip or even giving one with a friend in a little care package if she seems to need a little pick-me-up, thanks to the portability."

While most reviewers raved about these steamers, one customer pointed out, "One downside to these is that they do temporarily color stain your tub in a round shape from where the fizzer was placed. It's not horrible and it can be wiped away or washes away after a bit."

Another shopper noted that "if your bathroom is too small or doesn’t have enough ventilation, [the steamer's scent] can be a bit on the stronger side." However, they were able to remedy that: "I found breaking each one into two actually helps and still lasts throughout my entire shower. Plus, then you get twice as many uses."

Drop one on your shower floor, then take a deep, calming breath — this pack of 15 will mean weeks of stress relief.

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$25 at Amazon

And if you want to give your tootsies a little in-shower spa treatment as well, Amazon shoppers love this Beskar Foot Scrubber Mat:

It's lined with flexible bristles to massage your feet while you bathe. It also helps exfoliate dry skin and smooth calluses.

$17 at Amazon

"Suction is great. And this mat feels amazing, especially after a long, hard day at work," gushed an enthusiast. "At first it tickled, then it was awesome. I run around barefoot pretty much all day. Some days, my feet get disgusting and it's hard to get the gunk off. This gets it all off!"

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