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These deer whistles for your car (which ring in at under $3 a pop) help prevent run-ins on the road

Protect Bambi, your car and your family with these affordable whistles.

Can you guess what is the most dangerous animal in America? It's not a bear or a wolf. Nope, that award goes to the benevolent white-tailed deer. That's right: Bambi. Deer are responsible for a massive number of car accidents each year (roughly 1.5 million by some estimates), but there are steps you can take to dissuade them from crossing the road in front of you. The Save a Deer Whistle mounts to the front of your vehicle and emits a sound that you can't hear, but deer can. You can get a four-pack on Amazon for just $11, bringing the price per whistle to under $3 each.

Protect your vehicle and wayward deer with these easy-to-use peel-and-stick whistles. 

$11 at Amazon

These whistles mount to the front of your vehicle, preferably on your bumper, right in front of the radiator. Deer can hear a wider range of sounds than humans, and once you're going faster than 35 mph, the whistles emit an ultrasonic sound that they can hear from up to a quarter of a mile away. This discourages them from trying to cross the road.

The pack also includes a wind-powered whistle. Like the ultrasonic whistle, you won't be able to hear it, but deer can. Combining both types of whistles is a good idea and offers double the protection against those furry, four-legged critters that we share the road with.

Installation is simple. Each whistle mounts with a sticky, waterproof adhesive. Simply clean the area of your car where you want to put the whistle, then peel the tape off and press it down firmly. Save a Deer also offers an unconditional 30-day return period.

An $11 pack of whistles is much cheaper than paying for an expensive vehicle repair. Take it from someone who has had a deer-induced accident before: deterrents are much cheaper than headlights. These are great at all times of year, but especially during rutting (breeding) season when deer are more prominent. (This period varies by region.)

Closeup of whistles on bumper; deer crossing in front of car.
Avoid Bambi and friends with these ultrasonic deer whistles. (Amazon)

There's plenty of praise coming from the 2,500 five-star fans:

"They work," one shopper confirmed. "I have seen deer raise their head and look toward me driving and walk away from the edge of the road."

Another grateful driver wrote, "Before I bought these, deer were constantly running in front of me. I used these for over a year before writing a review, to fully test out how it did. They work! Now I rarely see deer, and if I do, they are running away. Sometimes I will come around a corner and it startles them, but you can't expect these to work over a hill or around a corner."

"This product works well for me! I followed the instructions on which whistle to attach to which side of my car and I see deer run away whenever I drive by. It seems like it distracts them or confuses them. I am not so tense driving at night now! Gives me a little peace of mind," shared another happy driver.

Help protect yourself from expensive car repairs — and the guilt of hitting an animal — with these affordable whistles. 

$11 at Amazon

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