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These patches get rid of pimples in just 6 hours: 'Incredible'

People can't stop raving about Tribe Skincare's new pimple patches.

If you're prone to pimples, there's a new patch in town - and they get rid of spots in just six hours. The Anti-Inflammatory Pimple Patches from Tribe Skincare promise to make pimples look less red, angry and inflamed in just a few hours - and happy fans can't believe how well they work either.

"I never thought much of pimple patches. I kind of thought they were a gimmick. Until now!" raves one user. "Holy moley I hope I never have to live without these! Amazing!"

Anti-Inflammatory Pimple Patches from Aussie brand Tribe Skincare
Anti-Inflammatory Pimple Patches from Aussie brand Tribe Skincare promise to get rid of pimples in six hours. Photo: Tribe Skincare

Hydrocolloid patches are used in the medical world to speed up wound healing, and these pimple patches work on the same principle; they help reduce redness and swelling, while also promoting healing.


The patches come infused with skincare hero Niacinamide, which has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, and Tea Tree Oil which is a natural anti-bacterial ingredient.

Together, these ingredients work to absorb excess moisture and oil from a spot, making it less prominent and much easier to cover up. Ideal to use on spots the night before a special event, simply pop them on your pimple and take them off the following morning.

before and after shot of woman with pimples
Customers are loving the results fron Tribe Skincare's new anti-inflammatory pimple patches. Photo: Tribe Skincare

The Tribe Skincare range is designed specifically for sensitive skin, formulated with natural anti-inflammatories to even out skin tone and release your inner glow. Launched in 2017 by Aussie skin therapist Kayla Houlihan, she wanted to produce products that gave results without being too harsh on skin prone to eczema, redness or breakouts.

"They are incredible. They work so well!" says one happy customer. "Where were these when I was a teenager?!" So if you're pimple prone, why not give Tribe a try? Each pack contains 84 single use patches for just $19.

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