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This $17 burger press is the secret to summer success, according to a food writer

Win Father's Day with this No. 1 bestselling cast iron patty maker from Cuisinart.

This time of the year, I can't help but crave a really good burger. If you've traveled to the West Coast, you're probably familiar with the In-N-Out burger chain, famous for its smash burgers — and for good reason. They're so flavorful (and dare we say addictive?) because the smashing puts more surface area in contact with the griddle, which creates a crisp, caramelized, mouthwatering crust. What's the best way to get that crust at home? With this No. 1 bestselling Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press. For just $17, you (or Dad for Father's Day) can now make burger history.

This cast iron six-inch press will give you the burger of your life in five minutes...flat.

$17 at Amazon
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$23 at Wayfair$20 at Tractor Supply

All you need to achieve burger heaven is a cast iron skillet or griddle, this burger press, some parchment paper and some seasoned ground beef, and you're good to go. Once you've formed each loosely packed ball of meat, place a piece of parchment paper over the meat before smashing it down with the burger press on that screaming hot iron. You'll get crispy edges and a juicy center each and every time.

Man using burger press on griddle.
Make Dad the Man of La Plancha this summer with a little help from Cuisinart. (Amazon)

Shoppers have made this a No. 1 bestseller, and more than 11,000 Amazon reviewers have given the burger press their five-star seal of approval, so don't just take my word for it.

"You can't make smash burgers with a spatula," explained one happy customer. "This is a game changer."

"This little tool helps my grill/griddle master husband make THE best smashburgers!" according to one adoring spouse.

Another rave reviewer shares their thoughts on this tool's ease of use and amazing versatility: "It holds up very well and is super easy to clean up when you're done. I can’t stop using it now and wish I bought one a long time ago. Works great for bacon (covers the whole strip), burgers, sausage patties, chicken breast, even pork chops."

This five-star fan really sums it up, "This is the perfect burger press. They got it right. It has a completely flat bottom with no lip. I bought a different one which had the lip, and it was useless for making smash burgers. Model CISB-111. Smash away, burger lovers."

Isn't it time you got a handle on your burger-cooking game?

$17 at Amazon
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$23 at Wayfair$20 at Tractor Supply

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