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This air fryer that's 'the future of cooking' is on sale at Amazon for just $60 — that's nearly 40% off

More than 29,000 Amazon shoppers are sold on this hot appliance.

Planning lots of summer parties? You'll need some help in the kitchen. If you haven't yet treated yourself and your family to an air fryer, well, now's the time. The Ultrean Air Fryer, with 29,000+ five-star ratings on Amazon, will, quite simply, change your life. Shoppers have declared this a kitchen winner, and right now it's down to just $60 from $96.

This sleek solution to healthier and easier food prep creates wondrous meals with less effort than your regular fryer and stovetop cooker.

$70 at Amazon

Air fryers can often set you back $100 or more — close to the usual price for this model. So for $60 you get a nifty device can grill, roast, bake and fry, all without any oil. It does this by circulating hot air, which crisps up veggies, wings and more.

No splatters, no extra fat, no mess and all the flavor of your favorite fried foods. Easy and delicious, with minimal effort on your part.

And let's face it, we love air fryers for their french fries. But this air fryer is also a hit when it comes to veggies, including the often-dreaded cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. It's also a great way to trick kids into trying something new, or trick your palate into thinking you’re eating something significantly more caloric than you really are.

ultrean air fryer next to fries and chicken on a counter
With this air fryer you can enjoy all of your crispy-crunchy favorites, minus the oil. (Amazon)

Over 29,000 folks are seriously hooked on this air fryer because of its size, ease of use and also ease of cleaning. Not to mention that it can make anyone look like a superstar chef.

This shopper called it "the future of cooking," adding, "It is one of the best investments I have made in my kitchen. So many delicious recipes can be made with minimal effort. Why spend so much money on an expensive one when this one does the job perfectly? Easy to clean, the temp control is fantastic and it's super easy to use."

Says a five-star fan: "Perfect for vegetables, frozen food, meat or fish, etc. I love how I don’t have to turn on my oven for a quick meal anymore or stand in front of the stove to fry stuff. I can achieve the same results all while using less oil. What I love the most about this appliance is you don’t have to be an expert chef to use it. It’s extremely intuitive, and extremely difficult to mess up. Five stars!"

Even grill masters are shocked by how perfect their wings turned out. Revealed one: "We tried chicken wings and they're amazing! ... Wings on the grill are a pain. They require constant attention, burn if you blink and take a long time to cook. Ultrean wings? Throw 'em in. Flip 'em in 15 minutes. Take 'em out after another 15 minutes. Perfect. And it doesn't heat up the kitchen at all."

There were users who held back a star because of the lack of recipes that came with the air fryer. (Scroll to see the air fryer cookbook/fridge magnet.) "They don’t give you many recipes at all," said this frying fan. "That was a disappointment. Actually, they give you no recipes. They only give you some items you can use with the times and temperature. Very disappointing. Now I need to research recipes. That’s not hard but I’d expect them to give me more recipes to begin with."

"You'd think the manufacturer would offer a general cookbook for 'quick cook' items such as wings, fries, etc." agreed this reviewer. "Really, an excellent value for the $. It's just you shouldn't have to look up air fryer recipes on the internet to cook a few wings and fries!"

Roast veggies or re-heat french fries, this little gadget is full of possibilities.

$70 at Amazon

Want to avoid having to look up the cook time and temperature for various foods every time you use your new appliance? This No. 1 bestselling air fryer cheat sheet booklet is the perfect accessory to add to your cart, and it's also on sale!

This cute little guide contains instructions for cooking over 120 types of foods in your air fryer, from proteins and veggies to desserts. Stick it right on the fridge thanks to the magnet on the back!

$10 at Amazon

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