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This gizmo turns your Instant Pot into an air fryer — and it's 45% off

Save space (and money) while sparing yourself a sweaty kitchen this summer.

Accessorizing is fun, whether you're donning a new summer hat, completing your outfit with a fun bag or adorning your Instant Pot with an air fryer lid. Wait a sec — what? It's true; decking out your kitchen appliances is the new decking out your wardrobe (says I, a professional baker turned shopping writer). And one doodad in particular — the Sousvide Art Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid — is a particularly smart embellishment. Just pop it onto your pressure cooker and you'll be able to make the crispy-crunchy creations of your dreams come to life (without an extra machine taking up unnecessary space). Intrigued? Just know it's on sale for $32 (down from $56) at Amazon, so time to get cookin'.

Turning on your oven is so ... winter. Spare yourself from a sweaty kitchen this season via this speedy space-saver. 

Save $24 with coupon
$32 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

We checked our price checkers and, yup, this is about as low as this gizmo has ever been on sale for. That alone makes it a worthwhile markdown, but it's also much less expensive than most standalone air fryers on the market, so ... no-brainer! Don't forget to apply the on-page coupon for the full discount.

Why do I need this? 🤔

Do you have a few seconds? Good, because according to the manufacturer, that's how long it takes to secure the Sousvide Art Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid to your pressure cooker. It's compatible with most any 6- or 8-quart model, and has seven cooking functions for broiling, baking and, of course, air frying.

The CrunchLid, as it's amusingly referred to, helps crisp up foods via 360° air circulation, meaning there's no need for much cooking oil or fat, if any. Plus, it comes with a plethora of tools, including a mesh frying basket, steam rack, silicone mat (to place the hot lid on), tongs and a cookbook for recipe inspo.

Whether you're making wings from scratch or want to cook frozen foods in a way a soggy microwave could only dream of, you'll find endless uses for this highly rated contraption.

The air fryer lid on an Instant Pot
Put a lid on it: This doodad deserves a nomination for "Summer Accessory of the Year," don'tcha think? (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Amazon customers are giving it perfect ratings for its space-saving design, quick heat-up time and cooking ability.

Pros 👍

"This is exactly what I was hoping it would be," raved a shopper. "I live in a city apartment with a small kitchen, so I don’t get to have separate appliances sitting around on a counter. I got this to add to my 6-quart Instant Pot and it totally works! ... It’s a little convection oven that doesn’t heat up your kitchen — very smart for the entire summer!"

"Best purchase this year!" exclaimed another. "This add-on air fryer lid has revolutionized my cooking routine. I've used it at least 10 times already since receiving it two weeks ago! Fast results, excellent taste quality of any food I prepare with this handy device. ... I have air-fried chicken, beef, sausage and hot dogs from frozen to crispy, juicy perfection in minutes. I'm delighted!"

"We use this air fryer lid almost every day (sometimes multiple times a day)," shared a third. "It doesn't need to preheat. It's very forgiving (I've never ruined food in it). ... Makes the best-tasting chicken, salmon and shrimp I've ever made. ... Definitely works best if whatever you're preparing is in one thin layer, so may not be a good fit for cooking for more than two people (though making things in batches isn't so bad IMO)."

Cons 👎

Several users brought up the same note as this one, who wrote, "[The] only downside for me is the loud beeps it makes when you set it up." That said, they added, "I have a pretty small kitchen (no oven) and this was a great find! Been using it a lot, so far I've cooked meat, vegetables, even cookies and everything turned out great."

"It works just as well on my Instant Pot as a standalone air fryer," wrote a final fan. "The only downside I can see is the size of the basket, and that is limited by the size of the pot. So I don't fault the product. Just keep that in mind as you won't be cooking for a party with it."

I have a feeling this doodad will be an "Instant" classic in your kitchen. 

Save $24 with coupon
$32 at Amazon

What's that? You don't have an Instant Pot? Well, we've got to remedy that — this one's on sale:

The best meals are the ones you can make by tossing all of the ingredients into one cooking vessel, then setting and forgetting. That's probably why the Instant Pot has become such a cult favorite — and this model, with its 10 functions in one, is so versatile, it just might become your most-used appliance. Make rice, sear chicken, bake bread ... or heck, even whip up some cheesecake in it. You'll be able to cook enough food to feed six people, so I'll be awaiting my dinner party invitation. 

"I was somewhat skeptical about Instant Pots for a long time and then I finally caved and decided to get one," shared a convert. "It's one of the better kitchen investments I've ever made. Delicious pulled pork in an hour, easy one-pot meals and perfectly cooked rice without a rice cooker. It opens up so many possibilities for weeknight meals. One day I even brought it to the office for a food day and made fresh mac and cheese in the cafeteria."

$130 at Amazon
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$150 at Macy's$130 at Bloomingdale's

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