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This bristle-free grill brush is a 'grate' deal at over 60% off — get it for $21

The Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush was built to last and, most importantly, won't shed metal into your food.

To cook is to clean, and to grill is to ... clean extra hard. After all, charring your meat involves charring your grates — and while removing that sooty residue can be a hassle, there's one product thousands of Amazon shoppers are using to make the job easier and safer. The Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush, made of gunk-busting stainless steel, is unique in that it doesn't have bristles. And because it doesn't have bristles, you won't have to worry about any falling out and potentially finding their way into your food — something that happens more often than you'd think. Want to grill with more peace of mind (or maybe you're on the hunt for a Father's Day gift)? Add this summer must-have to your cart while it's on sale.

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Ready to "meat" your new best friend? No more metal bits in your burgers, thanks to this barbecue essential. 

$21 at Amazon

This might not be the lowest price this brush has been marked down to, but a nearly-60% discount is nothing to scoff at. Plus, it was designed to avoid wear and tear, meaning you likely won't have to replace it as quickly as a standard bristle brush.

As mentioned earlier, the standout feature of the Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush is its non-bristle design. Instead, it has three rows of stainless steel cleaning coils to buff away caked-on grime more safely than wire brushes that shed. What's cool is that it sort of "steams" away buildup; the manufacturer recommends heating up your grill and filling a container of water to dip the brush in. When the wet brush makes contact with the hot grates, the steam will help dislodge stubborn stuck-on bits. Oh, and water is really all you need — no chemical cleaners required.

According to the brand, this brush was designed to last five times longer than your standard brush, since it has a sturdier build that's less prone to bending. Feel free to use it on practically any grill other than the small, portable ones — it even comes with a 10-year limited warranty for extra assurance.

the grill brush being used to clean grill grates
Steam cleaning: It's not just for your upholstery anymore. (Amazon)

More than 7,200 Amazon customers are de-sooting their grills with the Kona.

"I have owned so many different grill bushes ... This is the best one I've ever owned and it works incredibly well," raved one shopper. "Even after dozens of uses, it shows no signs of wear or decomposing because it does not use steel wool or bristles. It is stainless steel wound wire that is abrasive on grates and yet it doesn't load the brush with grease ... This will likely be the last grill brush you'll ever buy!"

"A very sturdy brush and, best of all, it has no bristles to fall out and possibly contaminate food or [the] grill surface," another chimed in. "I do a lot of outside barbecuing and this brush works great. ... When used as directed, the grill comes out very clean for the next use."

"I have used various methods for cleaning my grill grates over the past 25 years, and this brush, when used with water on a hot grill, does an exceptional job," wrote a third. "It takes a minute to get virtually everything off, even baked-on grease."

"[The] only downfall is it is a little heavy, but well worth it!" noted a generally pleased reviewer. "Great for cleaning a sticky grill."

"I only wish that it came with a protective cover for storage," shared a final fan, who added, "Love at first sight/use! A must-have if you grill!"

By now it should be obvious why this grill brush is a "Kona" fide hit. 

$21 at Amazon

Another nifty grilling find? These genius illuminators:

For nighttime gatherings, it's helpful when you can actually, you know, see what you're grilling. That's where these handy lights come in — their magnetic bases can be stuck to the hood of your grill for a little illumination, and their bendy necks can be adjusted as needed. Batteries are included, and these bestsellers can also be used for auto repairs, camping and the like. 

"These lights work great!" exclaimed a fan. "I use them when I barbecue, and with the sun going down early now, they really help. The magnet is really strong, so they stick to my barbecue to keep the grill lit up, and the LEDs are nice and bright. They come in a case, which I thought was really cool so I don't misplace them. These lights are also good for working on the car at night."

$15 at Amazon

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